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Smart Home Technology in 2024

Smart Home Technology in 2024

Smart Home Technology in 2024

Smart home technology in 2024 can make home life much easier, more secure and more cost effective.  From smart security cameras, smart vacuums to smart thermostats many of these smart devices operate without the need for much homeowner input and take a home to the next level.  Buyers these days are looking for smart home features when shopping for a home and many new home construction builders add smart home features as part of the base package for their homes.  Check out what smart home features are a must have for homeowners in 2024.

Smart Home Control Panels

Many new construction homes are coming today with smart home control panels (also called hubs) installed into the home.  These smart control panels control security systems, HVAC systems, smart speakers, lighting and more all in one device and can be accessed anywhere the homeowner has access to internet and a smartphone.  These smart control hubs work with many of the home automation software AI assistant protocols like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and more.

As these control hubs support a variety of software and apps that means it is easy to add on different brands that also support one of the common protocols and control them all in one central location.  Things like smart blinds/curtains that can be controlled via the hub means being able to let the sunlight in when needed or close them when no light is needed.  As more smart devices for home use come to market the existing hub should be able to control them all at one place.

Security Systems

Security systems include things like cameras, motion sensors, door/window sensors and more.  All designed to provide the homeowner with peace of mind.  Cameras can cover the inside and outside of the home to make sure the occupants are safe and sound.  Motion sensors, door/window open sensors also help with security, when the system is armed the homeowner and police can be notified when an unauthorized entry is made.  Smart security systems can be armed and disarmed remotely via housesmartphone.  Smart cameras can also be monitored in real time where ever the homeowner happens to be on their smartphone.

Amazon and some other companies are now also offering smart robots that can actively patrol a home recording video while on its programmed rounds.  Homeowners can check on their pets wherever they may happen to be. They can check on sounds coming from different parts of the house and more.  Currently these robots are limited to one level and cannot navigate stairs but that could soon change as the technology improves.

Robot Vacuums

Whether a home has pets or no pets a smart robotic vacuum can not only vacuum the carpet but also can mop floors.  Many of these vacuums need to be emptied less frequently when they incorporate a docking station that also includes auto emptying features.  Some of these docking stations can refill the mop reservoir as well requiring only minimal maintenance/interaction from the homeowner. 

Robot vacuums have advanced mapping capabilities which allow the owner to set up no go zones as well so things like wires, pet food bowls and more can be avoided.  Some of these robotic vacuum cleaners can handle multiple floors as well too and the only thing the homeowner is required to do is move the vacuum between floors and press the go button. Having a robot vacuum do its thing daily while the homeowners are out of the house is a great time saver.

Smart Thermostats

With smart thermostats homeowners can monitor and control temperature in their home wherever they are with a smartphone.  That means coming back to a home that is the perfect temperature.  The newer smart thermostats can warn homeowners of potential problems with their HVAC systems, remind them about regular maintenance requirements and save energy as well by adjusting the temperature down or up when no one is around.

Smart Landscape Controls

Whether the homeowner wants to stop the lawn/landscape sprinkler from turning on for whatever reason or the smart sprinkler control knows it is supposed to rain today and does not need to turn on, smart landscape controls can help automate the outside of the home as well.  Outdoor landscape lighting can also be turned off or on at the touch of a button with a smartphone.  Or the landscape lighting can even be programmed to turn on/off at certain times based on a pre-programmed schedule.  Some of these systems can be programmed to change lighting color based on the holiday as well.

Smart Door Locks

With smart door locks homeowners can access their home with their smartphone to grant access to family and friends who may be visiting from out of town.  Via the smartphone the homeowner can make sure smart locks are in fact locked when they should be.  So, no more wondering whether the front door is locked or someone forgot to lock it when leaving the house.  With smart door wirelocks they can even be set to lock automatically once opened after a set amount of time after the door has been closed.

Smart Garage Door Openers

Ever have that feeling after leaving the home questioning whether the garage door was closed?  With a smart garage door opener homeowners can check from the convenience of a smart phone whether the garage is open or closed.  If open, with the press of a virtual button the garage can be closed wherever the homeowner is when they have an internet connection and a smartphone.  Some delivery services will even drop packages off in a garage when requested too which allows the homeowner to open/close the garage when necessary, adding extra protection from porch pirates looking for easy pickings.

Why Do Buyers Like Smart Home Features?

Home life can get hectic and having features that make it easier to monitor or clean a home is a big plus for buyers who may be busy with work and family.  Being able to monitor when the kids have returned home, whether they locked the doors behind them, and/or being able to heat or cool the home so it is comfortable prior to the homeowner’s arrival is a great plus to any home.  It is not just new construction homes that can benefit from smart home installations.  Existing homes can take advantage of smart thermostats, smart home hubs, smart lighting, smart vacuums and more.  Many of these smart home technologies only need power from an outlet and a Wi-Fi connection to start working.  No rewiring of the home or running new wires are needed.

Bill Gassett of Maximum Real Estate Exposure shared some thoughts based on his experience listing and selling many homes.
"Paul, buyers love all the smart home technology that is now available. I love showcasing it when I am marketing homes for sellers. Smart locks and video doorbells are two hot buttons that are not that expensive to install.
The Arlo Pro 4 spotlight camera was a great feature one of my recent sellers added. The buyer loved it. It offers high-resolution video capture with a motion-triggered spotlight. It also has night vision which is very cool!
It is incredible what the new technology can do for smart locks, including fingerprint reading and integration with Amazon, Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Homekit.
Sometimes when a buyer is down to deciding between two homes, smart home tech can be the deciding vote."

Final Thoughts

In 2024 home buyers are actively seeking homes with smart features in them.  Many existing homeowners plan on adding smart features in their home as well to improve the function of the home.  Homeowners have a number of different smart home features to pick from and many of them are cost effective and not difficult at all to install.

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