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Top 35 Bloggers & Social Media Real Estate Power Players

Picture of people Working together top social media real estate agents

Top 35 Bloggers & Social Media Power Players in the Real Estate Industry

We live in a world where things start and often end with the Internet. Real estate is no different in that people looking to buy or sell a home begin their search online. Whether searching for information on how to sell a home or looking for a real estate agent to help them out the Internet is where it is at. With this recent posting of mine I am compiling a list of the Top 35 Bloggers and Social Media Real Estate Power Players on the Internet. Many of these bloggers and social media users are very active in spreading and sharing knowledge to anyone and everyone who needs it. I would recommend you follow, connect, circle, or like all of these people in the list in order to learn from those willing to teach or to get assistance from those willing to help.

Real Estate Agents

  1. Bill Gassett at is a top Massachusetts real estate agent, very active blogger, highly active social media personality, 28 year real estate industry veteran and all around great sharer of knowledge and information. If there is any topic in real estate you want to know more about Bill has probably written about it on his blog. Bill is very active on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. Bill’s recent article on escrow holdback is a great read.
  2. Anita Clark at is a...

Tips For Buying A New Construction Home

Picture of a couple looking at a new construction home

Tips For Buying a New Construction Home

Many home buyers are unaware that the option of new construction home may available to them. It might be because they have seen the million dollar plus showcase new homes that they think the price is out of their reach or they might be thinking it is too much work and hassle to get the house setup in terms of selecting all the features. Due to these misconceptions on price or the different ways new construction homes are built, home buyers might be passing up good opportunities to get the home that they want, the way they want it and for not an unreasonable cost. With this article I explain the various aspects of new construction that home buyers should be looking at as the conduct their search.

Initial Steps

The initial steps of looking into new construction homes should be determining what your budget is and what type of new construction home you may want.

Your Mortgage For the New Home Construction

(This section related to new home construction mortgage was contributed by Luke Skar of

Are you ready for a new construction loan?

Getting a loan to build a new house is a substantial undertaking. There will be multiple steps involved in the process and the possibility for delays. Here are a few tips about the whole process to help you understand the basics and ensure that you are ready for the task.

The Financing Will Likely be Local

Local banks and credit unions handle the vast majority of construction loans. Since there...

July 2015 Cincinnati Real Estate Market & Northern Kentucky Real Estate Report

July 2015 Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Real Estate Market Report

Cincinnati Real Estate Market & Northern Kentucky Real Estate Market Report

Want to know what happened during the July 2015 Cincinnati Real Estate Market and Northern Kentucky Real Estate Market sales period? You have come to the right place. Read on to get the latest statistics and information in the July 2015 Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky Real Estate Report.  While home sales were a bit lower number wise than in the spring, July continued to show overall strength in the Great Cincinnati area.

Cincinnati, Ohio - Hamilton and Clermont Counties

In July there were 1159 homes that closed during the month for Hamilton County and 298 homes that closed for Clermont County.  Homes that went pending in July were 925 for Hamilton and 271 for Clermont County. Pending status means they had an offer accepted and were awaiting closing pending inspections, appraisals, financing etc.

  • The average listing price for homes in the Hamilton County area was $245,741.00 with an average selling price of $197,912.00.
    • Hamilton County homes during the July time frame were on the market (Days on Market) for an average of 83 days.
    • There are currently 3,725 homes available for sale in Hamilton County.
  • The average listing price for homes in the Clermont County area was $221,518.00 with an average selling price of $184,818.00.
    • Clermont County homes during the July time frame were on the market (Days on Market) for an average of 71 days.
    • There are currently 962 homes available for sale in Clermont County.

Northern Kentucky - Boone, Campbell & Kenton Counties

In July there were 229...

10 Ways To Avoid Being Sued In Real Estate

10 Ways To Avoid Being Sued In Real Estate

How To Avoid Being Sued During the Home Sale Process

Getting involved in a lawsuit is never a pleasant experience.  Often times the lawsuit process drags on for quite some time and can be very costly to boot.  Not many people set out with the intention of wanting to get sued, but often times by not following the advice of those professionals who are helping us or attempting to do things on our own can lead us down the path of getting sued.  With this article I am providing you with some tips and advice on how to avoid being sued in a real estate.  This is by no means intended to replace legal advice from your local attorney, but it should give you ideas of where the pitfalls are to help you better avoid them.

Tips For The Sellers

1. Disclosures

The biggest thing that can trip a seller up after a sale has closed will be the lack of making proper disclosures about hidden home defects.  With disclosures for residential property you as the seller are required to inform potential buyers of any defects that you know about and are not readily visible.  An example of a defect that must be disclosed is where a basement leaks whenever it rains but on most clear and sunny days it may look fine or the effects of the leak have been cleaned up.  The failure to disclose to a buyer that the basement has leaks can result in the buyer suing the seller for lack of disclosure.

If the issue with the home is noticeable then there is no duty to disclose.  So for example in the leaking basement case if there was a huge crack in the wall that is readily visible to anyone who walks by the disclosure need not necessarily be made.  You as the seller should still be cautious when filling...

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