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Who Should Be Notified Before You Move

Who to notify before moving

Who Should Be Notified Before You Move

What Businesses and People Should Be Told You're Moving

Are you going to be moving? Moving from home to home is a difficult and stressful time for most people. You need to do things like get boxes, pack all your stuff carefully, and rent a truck or hire professional movers.

One of the many tasks you need to complete when moving is changing your address. You need to understand who to let know you are moving to avoid problems after being in your new home. Knowing how to forward mail will be an essential part of moving you can't forget about.

Some of the companies you need to notify of the move need to be contacted as soon as you know your moving day. We give you a list of businesses and organizations that you need to update with your new address before moving.

Post Office Change of Address

One of the first places you should notify of move intentions is the post office. Their change of address service will forward your mail to your new address for a year.

Notification of moving with the post office can easily be done online through their website. Please fill out their forms at least a week before your moving day to avoid any of your mail going missing. It is always better to make the change as early as possible.

If you need to cancel your address change for some reason, you can always do that later.

Tax Accountant and The IRS

Though you might want to avoid it, you need to inform you about moving...

What Is An Estoppel Agreement Used For When Buying Investment Real Estate?

what is an estoppel agreement

What Is An Estoppel Agreement Used For When Buying Investment Real Estate?

When buying any type of investment real estate that has tenants involved an estoppel agreement helps to protect the buyer by verifying the terms of the tenant’s current lease.  Most real estate investment properties are purchased with the intent of generating cash flow.  If a certain building ends up generating less cash flow than anticipated since the owner might have exaggerated some numbers that can make what seemed like a good investment turn out to be a bad investment.  This article looks at what an estoppel agreement is, what the estoppel agreement should contain and whether the estoppel agreement can be relied upon 100%.

The Basics of An Estoppel Agreement

An estoppel agreement is a document that the tenant and the current rental property owner both sign and that acknowledges the amount of rent the tenant is currently paying, what type of lease they are on, how much security deposit they have given to the current owner, any other fees or rents they pay (pet rent), and if the tenants get any rent discounts for any reason.  If tenants are paying their own utilities, there will also be a section for that to be noted on the estoppel agreement.  Some tenants may help out the owner by making sure the trash cans are put on the curb for trash pickup day and put away after trash service has completed.  Tenants may also help with the cleanup for the common areas of the property, clean snow and other tasks that are performed in return for a discount on holding hand up...

June 2021 Greater Cincinnati Luxury Real Estate Market Report


Luxury home inventory ticked up slightly with little change in median listing price.  A few more homes sold and slightly less time on market also is noted as the changes from May 2021.  Rumors of a buyer's strike seem to be coming true in some markets as mortgage application rates are dropping.  Whether buyers are taking a break to catch up on travel and vacation time or are really serious about not wanting to buy a home remains to be seen.

June 2021 Greater Cincinnati Real Estate Luxury Statistics

If you need help buying or selling a luxury home in the Greater Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky area feel free to contact me so that you can gain some insight in to the local luxury real estate market.


Smart Tips For Automating Your Home

home automation tips for your home

Tips For Automating Your Home

Home automation can help reduce some of the effort of managing a home and make it overall more enjoyable to live in.  Certain automation tools available for the home can maintain proper temperatures, keep an eye on security, and even report serious issues like HVAC or water heater issues.  This article explores some of the home automation technology out there and how it can benefit homeowners.

Leak Monitoring

A flooded house can be a huge disaster for homeowners especially if not caught in time.  Many homes have finished basements with carpeting, furniture and electronics that if exposed to water can result in a total loss to those items.  Even worse, water that is allowed to sit in a basement for any length of time can make the entire house unlivable since water will cause mold to grow and that mold will spread to the rest of the house.  Smart water leak monitoring devices can keep an eye on leaking pipes and basement floods in general which will alert the homeowner to water issues before it is too late.

Things like sewage ejector failing to work or leaking from the ejection pipe, back up in the sewer lines can be make for even a worse (read stinky) situation.  The sooner one knows about sewage leaks/backups in the basement the sooner one can act to stop any further damage.  There are a number of companies who make smart water leak sensors and some of them will integrate with existing smart home systems like Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and more.

Smart Thermostats

Maintaining the proper temperature in a home...

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