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Essential Steps For Buying A Home In 2024

essential tips for buying a home

Essential Steps For Buying A Home In 2024

In order to buy a home in this time of high interest rates and low inventory home buyers need to be five steps ahead of everyone else in order to make sure they get a home that meets their needs.  Proper planning ahead of time can save a lot of buyer heartache and remorse.  This article looks at some of the critical things home buyers need to be doing prior to making an offer to purchase a home.

Boost Your Credit Score

With interest rates being higher than in the recent past, applying for a mortgage after doing everything to boost one’s credit score as much as possible can result in thousands of dollars in savings over the life of the mortgage.  The higher the credit score one has the lower the interest rates the home buyer can get from a lender.  The buyer should pay down high interest rate credit card accounts, pay off loans and other lines of credit prior to applying for a mortgage.  Buyers can do other things to increase their credit score such as increasing credit lines (without increasing the usage of those lines), paying bills on time, disputing errors on ones credit report and more.  Some mortgage lenders offer credit counseling services or a real estate agent can recommend credit counselors who can help guiding on boosting ones credit score.

Real Estate expert Bill Gassett of Maximum Real Estate Exposure provided excellent tips...

Vacant Home Preparation Tips

Vacant Home Preparation Tips

Vacant Home Preparation Checklist

Whether for vacation purposes, temporary change of location due to employment or some other reason homeowners may need to leave their home vacant for a while.  Short-term leaving a house vacant is usually not much of an issue and does not require much preparation.  Long-term leaving a home vacant though requires the home to be properly prepared otherwise the homeowner could come back to disastrous conditions.  This article provides some tips on what homeowners should be doing when leaving their home vacant for an extended period of time.

Security Tips

Some people opt to turn off power and turn off internet connections to the vacant house.  By doing that though the homeowner is limiting their ability to monitor their home remotely with security cameras and security systems.  While there are home security systems that can run on cell phone service they still need power for the monitoring system and sometimes they charge more for continual cell phone monitoring versus using an internet or phone (land line) connection.  By having a monitored security system the homeowner can have peace of mind that if someone does try to break in the police can be called to check out the property.

Always on security cameras also need an internet connection so the homeowner can monitor the home from anywhere they can get access to internet and a cell phone.  Different parts of the home can be monitored so if the alarm does in fact go off the light...

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