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Podcast #2 Topic: Insurance

Podcast 3 Insurance


For this podcast I sat down with Rey Rivera, Sales Manager with Allstate Insurance.  During our conversation we discussed homeowners, condominium, and rental insurance, as well as umbrella policies and rider policies.  If you want to learn more about insurance and how it can protect and benefit you this podcast is for you.  I hope you enjoy the podcast and find it informative.  Please also share with those who may find it useful.

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Feel free to ask any questions via the comments section below or to email either Rey or myself.  Also if you have any ideas for future podcast topics you would like to see let me know!

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How To Prevent A Home Closing Failure

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How to Prevent a Home Closing Catastrophe.

Having a good negotiator in your corner always helps both sellers and buyers work effectively through the home sale process and limits the possibility of a home closing failure. Issues sometimes arise that can derail a home sale, so it helps to have insights as to where you as a buyer or the seller have the ability to keep things on track through individual effort. While good negotiation skills are a must, understanding your role in the process can also help prevent a home sale catastrophe.

For the Seller

So you have found a buyer who appears ready willing and able to buy your home and they have committed to buying your home by submitting an offer along with proof of mortgage pre-approval and earnest money. How do you make sure you get to the closing table and not let the deal fall apart? Read on to get the answers.

Home Inspection

From the get go you as the seller should be open with letting the home buyers inspector come into your home for the inspection process. You or your agent should be present during the home inspection in case you need to answer any questions. Any resistance to the home inspection process and you run the risk of raising red flags with the buyer and their agent. Yes there may be problems with the house but covering them up will not be helpful in trying to get to closing. By being upfront with issues and being ready to remedy issues that do come up during inspection your home sale will go smoothly.

When request for repairs are made by the buyer make every attempt to complete the repairs in a timely manner so the buyer has time to check the repairs prior to closing. If the repairs...

21 Real Estate Terms You Should Be Familiar With

21 Important Real Estate Terms To KnowImportant Real Estate Terms To Know

All too often when buying or selling a home we run across a number of different real estate terms that we don't usually encounter in our day to day lives.  In this post I define/explain many of the common terms you will come across during a real estate transaction.


An appraisal is the process of evaluating a piece real estate (can be a residential, commercial or industrial building built on land) and all it's features to come up with a value of that property.  An appraisal is normally performed by a professional appraiser who is trained to provide their opinion as to the value of the real estate and its building.  The appraisal report an Appraiser provides is normally used by banks for purposes of determining how much money they will lend for a person to buy the property.  If the value of the real estate is appraised lower than the amount requested for a loan to purchase the property then the buyer will have to come up with more money out of their own pocket, the seller can reduce the selling price or depending on the terms of the contract the deal can be cancelled.

An appraisal report can also be used by an insurance company to determine premiums and reimbursement cost in cases of building damage or destruction.

For more information on Appraisals and the Appraisal process visit the blog post "How the Appraisal Works in the Home Buying Process" by Shannon Slater.

Back-Up Offer

A back-up offer on a real estate property is an offer that will only be considered if the offer that is pending at the moment falls through.  The primary...

May 2015 Cincinnati Real Estate Market & Northern Kentucky Real Estate Report

May 2015 Cincinnati Real Estate Market Report and Northern Kentucky Real Estate Market ReportCincinnati Real Estate Market & Northern Kentucky Real Estate Market Report

Want to know what happened during the May 2015 Cincinnati Real Estate Market and Northern Kentucky Real Estate Market sales period? You have come to the right place. Read on to get the latest statistics and information in the May 2015 Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky Real Estate Report.  May continued to show strength in the Great Cincinnati area.

Cincinnati, Ohio - Hamilton and Clermont Counties

In May there were 994 homes that closed during the month for Hamilton County and 260 homes that closed for Clermont County.  Homes that went pending in May were 1084 for Hamilton and 294 for Clermont County. Pending status means they had an offer accepted and were awaiting closing pending inspections, appraisals, financing etc.

  • The average listing price for homes in the Hamilton County area was $249,547.00 with an average selling price of $205,416.00.
    • Hamilton County homes during the May time frame were on the market (Days on Market) for an average of 84 days.
    • There are currently 3,684 homes available for sale in Hamilton County.
  • The average listing price for homes in the Clermont County area was $226,781.00 with an average selling price of $195,088.00.
    • Clermont County homes during the May time frame were on the market (Days on Market) for an average of 71 days.
    • There are currently 900 homes available for sale in Clermont County.

Northern Kentucky - Boone, Campbell & Kenton Counties

In May there were 178 homes that closed during the month for Boone County, 207 homes...

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