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Top 10 Highest Priced Commercial Properties For Sale in the Greater Cincinnati Area

Top 10 Highest Commercial Properties For Sale in the Greater Cincinnati Area

Top 10 Highest Commercial Properties For Sale in the Greater Cincinnati Area

The Greater Cincinnati area is a diverse market relatively smaller in size compared other large cities.  Often overlooked by large investors there are plenty of oppotunities for investors looking for commercial real estate to buy.  Check out some of the most expensive commercial property listings available on the Multiple Listing System (MLS).  The commercial listings cover all the different categories such as retail, warehouse, office, industrial and more.  If you want to learn more about the cash flow possibilities of any particular property be sure to get in contact today with Paul Sian who is local Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Real Estate agent.  (This list focuses on commercial properties in one location as opposed to a portfolio of properties spread around the city that are listed for sale as part of a package deal.)


Mortgage Payment and Interest Rates

Mortgage Payment and Rising Interest Rates

Mortgage Payment and Interest Rates

The amount of a monthly mortgage payment will be directly impacted by the interest rate that is charged for the mortgage.  Home buyers are usually looking at the total monthly mortgage payment to determine what their budget is for buying a home.  Higher interest rates on mortgages means looking for a home with a sales price that can get to the desired monthly payment a buyer needs.  This article looks at how the interest rate will impact the monthly mortgage payment. 

Fixed Rate Mortgage

A fixed rate mortgage means that the interest rate for the mortgage will remain unchanged for the length of the loan.  So if the mortgage is a 30 year fixed mortgage with a 5% interest rate that 5% will be the same the entire 30 years the homeowner has the mortgage for.  The mortgage term can be also be 15 or 10 year terms depending on what the homeowner opted for when buying or refinancing the house.  With the fixed interest the principal and interest payments will remain the same for the length of the loan but the actual mortgage payment can still be subject to change if the payment includes escrowed insurance and tax payments.  Insurance rates can go up with the price of inflation and taxes as well can increase or decrease based on the value of the home.  In most cases the taxes increase as the home price increases.  What that means is that the portion of the monthly payment locked cash...

April 2022 Greater Cincinnati Luxury Real Estate Market Report

April 2022 Greater Cincinnati Luxury Real Estate Market Report

Mortgage interest rates are up, for non-jumbo mortgages rates in the mid 5 percent are what is being quoted today.  With rates moving up at a steady pace some buyers are turning to Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM) as ARMs can start off with a lower overall interest rate.  Month to month the Greater Cincinnati luxury real estate market has seen a slight increase in price and a decrease in average days on market from March 2022.  Some buyers may be wanting to move their cash into real estate as a hedge against the quite high inflation numbers.  As interest rates continue to climb expect the real estate market to face more pressures due to buyers stepping away due to costs going up.

April 2022 Greater Cincinnati Luxury Real Estate Market Report


Common Real Estate Investment Terms

Common Real Estate Investment Terms

Common Real Estate Investment Terms (and what they mean)

With any type of investment it is important to understand the terminology used so that the investor can appreciate everything there is to know about the investment.  One should not be investing in anything without that knowledge.  Real estate investment involves large sums of money that can also be highly leveraged which means plenty of risk.  That risk can be reduced with a positive earning property.  This article provides some key investment terms that real estate investors should know about.

Cash Flow

Any real estate investment without positive cash flow is one an investor should walk away from.  Unlike actively traded stocks real estate cannot be bought or sold with the click of a few buttons.  Instead the act of buying real estate takes time to not only find the right cash flowing property but then to get all the post contract acceptance aspects in line prior to closing.  Therefore if an investor makes a wrong decision one cannot simply sell their investment real estate without taking a loss due to the transaction costs involved.  

The cash flow from real estate investment needs to not only be positive but large enough that the cash flow can be banked so that a reserve fund can be setup.  If one already has a reserve fund setup to cover major expenses (like HVAC, roof, plumbing and more) that is great, but the cash flow is still required otherwise once a major expense does pop up that real estate investment will become a net negative investment.  Real estate...

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