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3 Quick Tips To Help You Purchase Your First Home.

Tips for buying first house.

You may think getting ready to purchase your first home may involve hopping online and starting to surf the homes available in your desired areas.  That is one way to start, but instead will end up being more a source of frustration for you.  In order to make the home buying process one less frustrating use this suggested way.

Steps to go through:

Step 1:  Before you even search for a home or neighborhood or talk to a real estate buyer's agent you need to get a good overall view of your economic standing.  Where is your debt in relation to your income levels?  What is your credit score?  What is your source of funds for downpayment to buy that house of your dreams?  By answering those questions you give yourself a better idea of where you need to be when you are ready to buy that house.  The answers to those questions will help give your mortgage person a better idea of what you can afford.  It makes little sense to shop for houses or neighborhoods when you don't even know if you can afford it.

So your best bet is to sit down and get a good understanding of your financial picture.  You also need to get an idea of where your down payment will come from.  Is the source of down payment funds coming from your parents, your savings, another loan?  Not knowing the source of your down payment will lead to hiccups during the lending process as the lenders usually require the source of the down payment funds be disclosed.

Step 2:  Once you have a good overview...

Home Photography

Bad picture house

You have all heard the term a picture is worth a thousand words.  When it comes to pictures of your wedding, professional family portraits, graduation pictures, newborn baby pictures we expect the best do we not?  Why then when selling our house do we settle for less than the best in terms of picture quality?

You probably know what I am talking about and have see house pictures taken with the cheap point and shoot camera or a cell phone camera.  Not only are cheap devices used to take pictures for selling your not very cheap house but those pictures are unfortunately staged very poorly as well because the agent is in a rush to get to the next house.  They want to rush to the next house because under the quantity not quality theory that agent will eventually get paid regardless if you sell your house.  Yes, if the agent does not take time to use quality photographs and does not implement good marketing they will get paid eventually.  They get paid because one of the many houses they listed eventually sells and they can breath a sigh of relief.  Meanwhile those poor pictures of your house only attracted vultures wanting to make a low ball offer.

Now to be fair this process is a two way street.  If you as the home owner refuse to make some general house repairs or to improve the landscaping to help the presentation of your house then of course that benefits the agent who wishes to use cell phone or cheapie point and shoot camera since they could use some blurriness in their pictures.  An honest agent will be upfront with you about the need for certain fixes in order to put your houses best foot forward for online viewing.  There are those who...

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