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How Do I Ship or Transport My Car Across Country

How Do I Ship or Transport My Car Across Country

Everything You Need to Know About Shipping a Car When Moving

If you need to ship a car across the country, there are many things to consider. Your focus might be on keeping the costs down, but other factors are essential as well. To ensure your car is transported safely and delivered when you want it, there are some things you should do to prepare.

Car shipping should not be taken lightly as it is easy to run into problems if you're not careful. To help you transport a car across the country, let's take an in-depth look at what you need to think about and do before committing with one of the car shipping companies.

Picking the right auto transport company will be a vital part of having a pleasant moving experience.

Choosing How to Transport Your Car

If you need to move your vehicle to the other side of the country, you have a few options. Don’t start researching auto shipping companies before thoroughly weighing up your options.


Often cars are shipped because their owners don’t like the idea of driving across the country. If you choose to drive your vehicle, you will face expenses, including gas, food, and lodging costs, if the journey is further than you can move in a day.

You will also pay for gas when you have your car shipped, and semi-trucks aren’t known for their excellent gas mileage. The truck driver has to be paid as well, as do the customer service representatives and the other people who work for the company. They have licensing and fees to pay too, and they still need to make a profit.

All of this might make shipping your...

4 Smart Tips For Buying A New Construction Luxury Home

 new construction luxury home

4 Smart Tips For Building A New Construction Luxury Home

For those looking to build a luxury home from scratch starting with the right steps is helpful as the process of building a new home can be a lengthy process.  Start in the wrong order and months can be added to that timeline.  This article presents a great overview of what luxury home buyers should be doing when they want to buy a new construction luxury home.

Get Finances In Order

Whether one plans to use cash or finance the purchase of a new construction luxury home with a mortgage, getting everything in order at the start is needed to prevent a last-minute scramble.  Cash needs to be in cash so that means liquidating any crypto, stocks, or other non-cash investments in order to make sure the money is available when needed.  With new home construction there are periodic payments made to the builder, sometimes these are referred to as progress payments.  There will be an initial down payment required and then along the way as the home gets built additional funds will need to be paid to the builder.  On closing any remaining amount owed are paid in full and ownership of the house is transferred to the buyer.

Sometimes the land needs to be purchased up front and then the buyer will work with a builder to get the actual house built.  If paying with cash then the cost of the land will need to be paid right away.  On the other hand, buying a home with a mortgage can make good financial sense with interest rates as low as they are at the time of writing this article.  For buying a new construction...

September 2021 Greater Cincinnati Luxury Real Estate Market Report

The notable change from last month is the increase time on market homes have spent while on sale and the fewer homes sold overall.  September is a time that should see an increase in sales when looking at historical trends.  Fall is a time when home listings increase and buyers activity also increase.  So while homes for sale did increase the number of homes sold dropped compared to August.  Whether this represents a long term change in the market shifting from sellers market to buyers market remains to be seen.


August 2021 Greater Cincinnati Luxury Real Estate Market Report


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