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The Top 10 Highest Priced Homes For Sale Today In The Greater Cincinnati Area


The Top 10 Highest Priced Homes For Sale Today In The Greater Cincinnati Area

Cincinnati is the third largest city in Ohio and the Greater Cincinnati Metropolitan area covering Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana is the largest metropolitan area in Ohio and the 27th largest metropolitan in the United States.  The Greater Cincinnati area has a unique variety of architecture and the homes offered in Cincinnati are no different in their unique style and features.  You can find 100+ year old one of a kind homes in different neighborhoods in Greater Cincinnati as well as brand new homes with modern features.

The Greater Cincinnati is no stranger to luxury homes and has many luxury apartments, condominiums, and homes to choose from.  The neighborhoods these homes are found in are in and around the Greater Cincinnati area and represent the best the city has to offer.  These homes offer some of the latest and greatest in luxury as well as technology and are found in the following great neighborhoods:

Indian Hill, OHio 45243:

What began as a farming community in 1904 the Village of Indian Hill later was reshaped into more of an area for large estates.  The homes in Indian Hill represent some of the best of what Cincinnati has to offer.  In 2002 the Robb Report rated Indian Hill, OH as one of the best places to raise a family.  Of the top ten priciest homes in the Greater Cincinnati area Indian Hill has 7 homes on the list.


The Ideal Time To Sell A House

The Ideal Time To Sell A House

When Is The Best Time For Listing A Home For Sale?

In every real estate market there are particular times of the year during which the most buying and selling activity takes place.  During the peak selling season the most home buyers are out and about looking for homes to buy.  Sellers can take advantage of this peak selling time by making sure their homes are ready to go and get listed for sale with the best possible marketing.  This article explores when are ideal times to list a home for sale and provides some tips to get the home in great selling shape.

Peak Selling Time

As every market is different it is helpful to consult with a local real estate expert to determine when the peak selling time is for your market.  In Cincinnati the peak time when the most homes are sold is the month of June.  By sold that means the house purchase transaction closed and the new owner took ownership.  Generally, it takes around 30 days to get a home sold from when an offer is first accepted to the date of closing.  So in order to be part of that group whose home is sold in June the home must be on the market at least 30-60 days prior to that.

Once an offer on a home is accepted that only begins the process of actually buying a home.  Home mountain peakbuyers need to perform inspections, get the home appraised, work on applying for the mortgage and more.  Through this process the home buyer needs to rely on their team which usually consists of a real estate agent, home inspector, mortgage lender, appraiser,...

How Will Inflation Effect Real Estate?

How Will Inflation Effect Real Estate?

How Inflation Will Effect Real Estate

Inflation numbers have been steadily increasing month over month in 2021 which ends up making things more expensive for everyone.  Those increased costs do find their way into real estate as well.  The causes of inflation include supply chains that are clogged up, extra money floating around chasing fewer goods, cost of supplies going up and more.  This article looks at how inflation will impact real estate homeowners, buyers, sellers and investors.

What Is Inflation?

Wikipedia defines inflation as “In economics, inflation refers to a general progressive increase in prices of goods and services in an economy.  When the general price level rises, each unit of currency buys fewer goods and services; consequently, inflation corresponds to a reduction in the purchasing power of money.”  Goods and services that relate to housing include lumber, paint, windows, carpet, the labor to install/maintain all of those items and more.  The price of a new home will cost more to build as the costs for the parts of the home and the labor to put it together increase. Existing home prices can also increase with inflation because of cost to maintain them, update them or the cost to replace them is up as well.  

While the official inflation rate for 2021 was 7%, not everything goes up by the same amount.  That 7% number is based on different items that have different weighting in the inflation index.  That means certain things are counted less and certain things are counter more towards the average inflation...

December 2021 Greater Cincinnati Luxury Real Estate Market Report

The median price of luxury homes in Greater Cincinnati remained unchanged from November 2021.  Fewer luxury homes were sold in December 2021.  December usually sees a drop off in home sales in general due to the holidays.  Fewer people are out and about looking for homes and are instead travelling for vacations, visiting family or preparing for guests.  Fewer homes are available for sale now but that number should increase as temperatures warm up later on.

December 2021 Greater Cincinnati Luxury Real Estate Market Report

Housing Bubble America - Prices for homes are at all time highs considering the last peak as this article shows.


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