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Luxury Home Features For Any Home

Luxury Home Features For Any Home

Luxury Home Features For Any Home

Adding features found in luxury homes can be done for any home but to get the best return on investment (ROI) the home should be in a location where it can realize some gain in value.  A home surrounded by other homes which do not have some of these high-end features may seem nice but will not get much increase in value with added luxury features.  On the other hand, homes in neighborhoods where other homes have some of the features, adding those features could possibly help the home value.  Adding one or more of these luxury features for homeowner enjoyment without regards to value though may be just what is called for if the homeowner is wanting it for their own enjoyment.  

Central Vacuum System

Having a central vacuum system is something found in luxury homes.  Rather than carrying around a cannister vacuum to vacuum the house the homeowner instead moves the vacuum hose from room to room as needed.  The central vacuum system needs to be emptied less frequently as well as usually there is a large cannister which holds all the vacuum debris in one location.  Sometimes homeowners install a kitchen vacuum port where one can sweep up debris to a single location and let the vacuum suck it up.

Typically, central vacuum systems are easiest to install when the home is being constructed.  A home being remodeled where drywall is being removed might also be an ideal time to have installed a central vacuum system as the pipes and power for the system are usually installed behind the walls.  Central vacuum systems can be installed in existing homes as well with the right tools and equipment.


A homeowner can add a sauna as a standalone installation in the basement, on the outside of the home, as part of a home gym, or as part of a “spa-like” bathroom.  Sauna’s are found in luxury homes and are not too difficult to install provided the space is available.  Different types of saunas include infrared heat based, steam saunas and dry heat saunas.  These saunas can be luxury bathroomheated through electricity, natural gas, wood or coal burning as well.  If one has the space in their home, there are sauna options for one person only setup to saunas that can fit the whole family and more.  There are a number of health benefits for using a sauna and a home that has a sauna can be a great selling point in a luxury home.

Dedicated Fitness Room

Whether the fitness room is for doing yoga, calisthenics, weight room, boxing, martial arts or something else, having a dedicated room for working out is something found in many high-end homes and can be added to most any home if the space is available.  These rooms typically feature full-length mirrors, large fans for circulating air, padded floors, a TV and/or sound system and more.  Fancier fitness rooms can include things like a sauna (see above), hot tub, cold tub, shower, full sink and more.  Anything that one can find in your local gym is something that can be used in a dedicated fitness room.

The homeowner may have an idea in mind for their fitness room or they can borrow ideas from local gyms that they believe will work best in their home.  There are even online tools one can use to design their home gym or there may be local fitness instructors who can provide guidance on the best gym setup.  A homeowner can also ask around at local gym supply businesses as to what would be the best set up based on the homeowners need.

Outdoor Kitchen

If a homeowner uses their outdoor space on a regular basis adding an outdoor kitchen could be a great feature to have.  Whether set up on a deck or on the ground level in a backyard patio, the outdoor kitchen allows the homeowner to cook and entertain guests outside while the weather permits.  Especially when it comes to cooking things like barbecue or other foods that produce a lot of smoke and possibly strong cooking odors, the outdoor kitchen allows the homeowner to prepare those foods without the worry of indoor air quality.

Outdoor kitchens can include features like built-in grills, cooktops, ovens, refrigerators, a sink, countertop space and more.  For those wanting to entertain guests in the outdoor kitchen, having proper seating spaces and entertainment features like outdoor speakers for music and a TV to watch the game can be a great addition.  Outdoor kitchens are a great feature that homeowners can use and depending on the setup (covered area) may even be able to use year-round.

Bathroom Spa

Setting up a bathroom to be more spa-like means adding things like towel warmers, supplemental heat just for the bathroom (infrared lamps mounted on the ceiling), jetted/heated tub, multi-sprayer shower heads (or rainfall type shower), heated floors, aromatherapy, audio and more.  All these features allow the homeowner to have a more luxurious experience and unwind after a hard day of work.  The finishes in the bathroom also should be top notch and feature materials like granite, marble, slate or some other similar high-end finish.

Hot Tub

Hot tubs are one of the more common features seen with high end pool setups, but standalone hot tub systems can be installed in a home.  Generally due to weight of the tub combined with the water weight these hot tubs need to be on the ground level floor or are installed outdoors.  Hot tubs can seat as few as one or two people and range to hot tubs that can hold eight or more.  The more premium hot tubs feature wireless Bluetooth speaker connectivity, LED lighting, advanced water sanitization tech and more.

Multi-Zone HVAC

This luxury upgrade is going to entirely depend on the size of the home.  A smaller home may not benefit from having different zones for the HVAC system as the cost for installing multiple HVACs as well as the cost to maintain them can be high.  A larger home on the other hand can benefit from multiple HVAC systems since it will allow more efficient cooling/heating for the areas heat pumpthat are used more frequently.  These types of multi-zone systems are best designed and installed by professionals who know about residential heating and cooling systems.  

The HVAC systems can be upgraded to include high efficiency air filters which help improve air quality in the home, a UV air sanitizing system to reduce airborne germs as well as an energy recovery ventilator which allows fresh air to be fed into the system and cooled/warmed as needed prior to going to the rest of the house.  Combining a multi-zone HVAC system with smart thermostats that also use occupancy sensors and the homeowner can have a great system that works where the residents are the most.

Final Thoughts

Not all of these luxury upgrades are going to provide the best ROI.  Homeowners need to understand their neighborhood and how the homes are priced there if the primary consideration is improving the value of one’s home with a luxury upgrade.  If the homeowner wants to add a luxury feature for their own enjoyment, then value should not really be a concern in the short term.

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