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How To Keep Your Home Cool During The Summer

How To Keep Your Home Cool During The Summer

How To Keep Your Home Cool During The Summer Heat Wave

The summer heat is raging in many areas.  Keeping your house cool during the summertime not only helps one stay comfortable but when done right can also save money.  Cooling is a major expense for homeowners during the summer.  Check out the great tips in this article to help keep your home cool.


Homeowners need to make sure their HVAC is tuned up and the filter is changed on a regular basis.  Clogged or old HVAC filters lead to less cool air being pumped through the home as well as result in increased cost when running the furnace.  HVAC filters need to be changed based on the recommendations of the HVAC manufacturer and the filter maker.

Regular tune-ups on the HVAC system make sure things are operating smoothly and at peak efficiency.  An inefficient HVAC means less cooling capacity and increased energy costs.  Professional HVAC companies can come out, tune-up an HVAC system and make sure problems don’t happen.  Having an HVAC system go out during the hottest days of summer will lead to plenty of discomfort for the homeowners and can possibly cause damage to the home through excess heat and humidity.


Homes located in humid regions, close to rivers, lakes and oceans can experience high humidity which makes it feel hotter.  Homes in general can build up humidity through everyday activities like cooking, bathing, and more.   A dehumidifier takes that humidity out of the air resulting in the body feeling more comfortable.  While an air conditioner (AC) also removes humidity out of the air a dehumidifier in the basement can help the AC work less.  Any home that has sufficient humidity in the summer will benefit from the dehumidifier taking out humidity from the air which allows the AC to operate more efficiently which translates into power savings.

Close Blinds/Curtains

While letting in the light during the day is great the light from the sun also adds heat to the home.  So unless a home has heat blocking window film it is best to keep the blinds/curtains closed when the
sun coming through the windows.  Less heat from the sun means a cooler home and less power housespent to keep the home cooled by running the air conditioner.

Ceiling Fans

Use ceiling fans if the home has them as ceiling fans help circulate the air in rooms.  Air circulation helps the body feel cooler and helps move more air.  If a home does not have ceiling fans tabletop fans or box fans can also help circulate air making it feel cooler.


Trees are a great way to block the sun from hitting the home and keeping a home cooler.  Of course trees are not an overnight thing and take years to establish to a sufficient enough height to block the sun.  Homeowners can use fast growing trees or evergreens to help shade their home.  The nice thing about deciduous trees (the ones that shed their leaves in the fall) is that in the wintertime they will allow sun to come through to help heat up the home.   Evergreens on the other hand will provide year round coverage against the sun.

Trees blocking the sun from hitting the house in the summer are great, trees too close to a house on the other hand can cause problems.  Trees too close to the home will allow animals and insects easy access to the home.  Squirrels, mice, ants, spiders and more will find their way into a home sooner rather than later when trees are right next to and/or touching the house.  Not only that the trees canquestion mark cause damage to the home during active storms when the branches get whipped up into a frenzy by the wind.

Tree roots can also cause problems for foundations too by pressing in on the foundation of a home causing foundation cracks and water leaks.  The best way to take advantage of tree shading to keep a home cool is to plant tress that will be tall away from the home.  Once grown to full height those trees will provide shade for the home yet still be far enough away to not allow easy access to pests and cause damage to the house.

Keep Hydrated

The high heat cause us to sweat more which means loss of water from the body.  Too much water loss can lead to problems so staying hydrated during the hot days is important.  Drinking water can help one keep hydrated.  While other beverages can help with hydrating they are not as potent as plain water.  Alcoholic drinks on the other hand can be worse as they can dehydrate the body more than they rehydrate them.  The body in trying to get rid of the alcohol in it has to use water to help get rid of the alcohol.

Final Thoughts

Keeping a home cool not is great for its occupants but it also helps keep the home in good working condition.  Excess heat and humidity can be damaging for a home.  Keeping a home cooler during the summer time means saving electricity on the cooling bill as well.

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How To Keep Your Home Cool During The Summer


#1 By Gabe Sanders at 8/6/2022 9:48 AM

Excellent tips. Especially for this summer. 95 deg. outside right now.

#2 By Paul at 8/7/2022 6:04 AM

Thanks for the comment Gabe. We cooled down a tad to upper 80s. Humidity makes it feel hotter though.

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