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The Top 10 Highest Priced Homes For Sale Today In The Greater Cincinnati Area


The Top 10 Highest Priced Homes For Sale Today In The Greater Cincinnati Area

Cincinnati is the third largest city in Ohio and the Greater Cincinnati Metropolitan area covering Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana is the largest metropolitan area in Ohio and the 27th largest metropolitan in the United States.  The Greater Cincinnati area has a unique variety of architecture and the homes offered in Cincinnati are no different in their unique style and features.  You can find 100+ year old one of a kind homes in different neighborhoods in Greater Cincinnati as well as brand new homes with modern features.

The Greater Cincinnati is no stranger to luxury homes and has many luxury apartments, condominiums, and homes to choose from.  The neighborhoods these homes are found in are in and around the Greater Cincinnati area and represent the best the city has to offer.  These homes offer some of the latest and greatest in luxury as well as technology and are found in the following great neighborhoods:

Indian Hill, OHio 45243:

What began as a farming community in 1904 the Village of Indian Hill later was reshaped into more of an area for large estates.  The homes in Indian Hill represent some of the best of what Cincinnati has to offer.  In 2002 the Robb Report rated Indian Hill, OH as one of the best places to raise a family.  Of the top ten priciest homes in the Greater Cincinnati area Indian Hill has 7 homes on the list.


4 Smart Tips For Buying A New Construction Luxury Home

 new construction luxury home

4 Smart Tips For Building A New Construction Luxury Home

For those looking to build a luxury home from scratch starting with the right steps is helpful as the process of building a new home can be a lengthy process.  Start in the wrong order and months can be added to that timeline.  This article presents a great overview of what luxury home buyers should be doing when they want to buy a new construction luxury home.

Get Finances In Order

Whether one plans to use cash or finance the purchase of a new construction luxury home with a mortgage, getting everything in order at the start is needed to prevent a last-minute scramble.  Cash needs to be in cash so that means liquidating any crypto, stocks, or other non-cash investments in order to make sure the money is available when needed.  With new home construction there are periodic payments made to the builder, sometimes these are referred to as progress payments.  There will be an initial down payment required and then along the way as the home gets built additional funds will need to be paid to the builder.  On closing any remaining amount owed are paid in full and ownership of the house is transferred to the buyer.

Sometimes the land needs to be purchased up front and then the buyer will work with a builder to get the actual house built.  If paying with cash then the cost of the land will need to be paid right away.  On the other hand, buying a home with a mortgage can make good financial sense with interest rates as low as they are at the time of writing this article.  For buying a new construction...

Great Tips For Buying The Luxury Home Of Your Dreams

graphic of a luxury entry way for article about buying a luxury home

Great Tips For Buying The Luxury Home Of Your Dreams

Homes in many markets are selling at a quick pace.  Luxury homes are no exception and many luxury homes up for sale are seeing multiple offers coming in right at the start of the listing period.  Luxury home buyers who are wanting to buy their dream home need to be fully prepared in order to be competitive with other buyers who are trying to buy the same home.  This article looks at the important steps luxury home buyers should be taking in order to be competitive with other luxury home buyers.

Start Planning Ahead Of Time

Most home purchases do not happen overnight or over a weekend.  Prior to buying a home luxury home buyers need to be researching neighborhoods and the housing types.  Are you looking for condos with amenities, neighborhoods with sizeable lots, downtown living, luxury town homes or something else?  Each of the different options provide different benefits and drawbacks.  Downtown living usually means being closer to work and downtown entertainment and activities but it also means smaller and more expensive homes overall.  Looking for homes with a larger yard means being further away from the downtown areas but one can get much more square footage as compared to a downtown home which can be a plus for those with families.  Not researching and planning ahead will result in wasted time for the luxury home buyer.

Work With A Qualified Real Estate Agent

Buying a home represents one of the biggest investments many people will make in their lifetime.  Homes...

Smart Tips For Buying A Luxury Home

smart tips for buying a luxury home

Smart Tips For Buying A Luxury Home

When buying a luxury home, buyers will want to take the path of least resistance in order to make the process easier to deal with.  The last thing luxury home buyers will want to do will be to rush through a purchase and find out the home they bought is more trouble than it is worth.  Luxury homebuyers can ensure their purchase of a luxury home is a sound and smooth decision by using the tips below.

What Is A Luxury Home?

Just because a home has a “luxury” price while it is on the market does not necessarily mean the home is a true luxury home.  A small house that may look great and be considered luxury in a densely populated city may instead be considered a luxurious tiny home in another area where land is plentiful and therefore homes are expected to have plenty of square footage in addition to other luxury features.  The small luxurious house in an area with large luxury homes would not be able to get the same price as large luxury homes since home buyers in those areas want the extra space and that is the primary reason for them shopping for homes in an area with plenty of land available.

Generally luxury homes are located where other luxury homes are situated and as a result the prices of those homes have a tendency to support other luxury homes close by. Luxury homes have extra refinements that put them into a category of their own. Luxury features such as premium brand appliances, premium cabinetry, carpet, and flooring are often found in these homes.  These premium features usually have better build quality associated with them in addition to longevity.

While bedroom counts may be the same in some non-luxury homes the bedrooms in luxury homes...

Podcast #10: Luxury (Jumbo) Mortgages Explained

podcast #1- jumbo mortgages explained

For this podcast about Jumbo Mortgages for purchasing a luxury home I sat down with Walt Wollet of Summit Funding. During our conversation we discussed the jumbo mortgages, the application process, credit score and down payment requirements and more. This podcast is helpful for those wanting to buy a luxury home through the use of jumbo mortgage financing.

I hope you enjoy the podcast and find it informative.  Please also consider sharing with those who may find it useful.

Listen via YouTube:

You can connect with Walt Wollet on LinkedIn, Facebook, and at

You can connect with me on FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn...

Luxury Home Buyer's Guide To Getting A Mortgage

luxury home buyer's guide to getting a mortgage

Luxury Home Buyer's Guide To Getting A Mortgage

Purchasing a luxury home requires a slightly different approach than if one were buying a non-luxury home.  Generally a luxury house is considered luxury because the price is higher than $500,000.00 and offers luxury amenities not commonly found in non-luxury homes.   While the $500,000.00 is a general guideline that does not mean that amount applies the same to every area in classifying a home as luxury.  In the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky Real Estate Market homes $500,000.00 and above generally will be considered to be luxury homes.  Other areas may be different based on the real estate market in those locations since real estate is all about location.

Buying A Luxury Home With A Jumbo Mortgage

If you plan on purchasing your luxury home with cash then this may not apply to you.  However with mortgage interest rates as low as they are, borrowing money to purchase your luxury home while at the same time using your cash in different higher rate of return investment may make sense for you.  Additionally you may qualify for the mortgage interest tax deduction which could reduce the amount of taxes you owe each year you pay interest on your mortgage. 

Luxury mortgages are a little different compared to mortgages for non-luxury homes.  When borrowing more than $424,100.00 to purchase your luxury home the mortgage loan product used for those types of loans are called jumbo loans.  Jumbo mortgage loans are...

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