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Great Local Cincinnati Charities To Know About For #GivingTuesday

giving tuesday cincinnati charities to consider

Great Local Cincinnati Charities To Know About For #GivingTuesday

After Thanksgiving comes Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and then Cyber Monday.  Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are all about buying something at a discount or buying local in anticipation of the upcoming holidays of Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, Festivus and more.  Another day for consideration is #GivingTuesday.  With #GivingTuesday the idea is to contribute some money to a charity of your choosing so those who are in need can benefit as well from the holiday season.  Being a personal fan of local charities I have compiled a number of local charities in this article that operate in both the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area and Northern Kentucky.  Take a look at the great things these local charities are doing and consider donating to them or becoming a volunteer.

La Soupe

La Soupe located at 4150 Round Bottom Road Cincinnati, OH 45244 and helps people get nutritious meals.  Founded in 2014 by Chef Suzy DeYoung the goal of La Soupe is to repurpose excess food (that would otherwise be thrown out) to create tasty and nutritious soups and meals for those in need.  Currently La Soupe rescues approximately 5000 pounds of food per week and with that is able to feed 2000 children in and around the Cincinnati area.  La Soupe recently sent 23,000 pounds of food to assist with hurricane recovery efforts in Houston, Texas.

Not only does La Soupe give soup to those in need they also sell their soups to anyone wanting to buy their delicious soups.  So in case...

Should You Transfer Your Real Estate Into An LLC?

should you have your real estate in an llc?

Should You Transfer Your Real Estate Into An LLC? 

An LLC or Limited Liability Company is a business structure similar to a corporate form like S Corporation found in many states that allows for a business owner to run a business and limit their liability exposure to just the business assets itself.  If the business owner were to be sued for something that the business did then the business owner’s personal assets should be protected from the lawsuit if they were to lose the case.  Where a business owner runs a business without an LLC, then they run the risk that if they are sued a court can use any and all of their assets to satisfy a lawsuit judgment.  LLCs are commonly used by small business owners, are sometimes used by real estate owners and investors.  This article explores whether it makes sense to have your real estate in an LLC.

How Is Real Estate Usually Owned?

All real estate is registered to the owners (can be individual, LLC, corporation, trust and more) name with a deed.  The deed is generally put in the name of the buyers as the current owners of the property and recorded at the local government office where records of deeds are kept.  In order to get the best protection, deeds should be registered with the local registrar/recorder but it is not a requirement to do so when purchasing real estate with cash. If the real estate is purchased with a loan the lender will require the purchaser to have the deed registered and recorded in their name with the local government in order to put everyone on notice that the property is subject to a mortgage lien.  By providing notice of a mortgage liens lenders can be assured that...

What Is An Escrow Holdback?

what is an escrow holdback?

What Is An Escrow Holdback?

During the final stages of buying or selling a home generally the homebuyer will be performing a final walkthough and the home sellers should be in the final stages of moving everything out of the house.  If certain repairs were not completed prior to closing or maybe the seller has been slow in moving out there are options that can be used to help protect the homebuyer and make sure the home seller completes the requirements called for by the contract.  One of the options a homebuyer may be able to use is called an escrow holdback.  This article looks at the escrow holdback and some of the situations where it may make sense to use it.

Escrow Holdback Explained

An escrow holdback is simply money held from a real estate transaction in an escrow account.  The escrow account used is usually owned by the title company since they are a neutral party to the transaction.  So for instance a home is being purchased by homebuyers for $200,000 dollars.  The home sellers owe $150,000 on the mortgage and are expecting to receive $40,000 directly back to them (after commissions and closing costs).  So in a transaction without any escrow holdback the title company will transfer $150,000 of the total sale amount to the mortgage company who holds the mortgage on the property being sold and then will provide the remaining amount from the sale to the sellers.

If the sellers were not able to complete some agreed upon repairs prior to closing, have not fully moved out of the house yet or caused some damage to the home while moving out for which they...

Great #RealEstate Accounts To Follow On Twitter

great real estate accounts to follow on twitter

Great #RealEstate People To Follow On Twitter

As much as some like to claim Twitter is no longer relevant compared to other social media platforms most active users know that is far from the truth.  Twitter still has many active users with plenty of information to share. This list represents some of the top real estate related bloggers, social media experts and all around great people and companies to follow on Twitter.  Not only are they sharing their own informative well written content they are sharing great real estate articles, tips and tricks from many different sources thus truly embracing the social nature of Twitter.  If you are not following any of the accounts below be sure to add them to your feed and you won’t be disappointed!

1.  Bill Gassett.  One of the top 5 RE/MAX agents in MA for the last decade. Social media/SEO junkie.

2.  Kevin Vitali.  Tewksbury MA- Realtor. Serving the Merrimack Valley home buyers and sellers.

3.  Chris & Karen Highland.  Frederick MD Realtors, Agent/Owners with eXp Realty.

4.  Michelle...

4 Things That Can Sap Your Cash Savings And Your Wealth

4 things that can sap your cash flow

4 Things That Can Sap Your Cash Flow And Your Wealth

There are a number of factors that can affect your cash and wealth position.  One of the big things that can have a great impact on your cash and wealth is real estate.  Real estate can both positively and negatively affect your ability to build wealth and can be a slow grind on your finances if you are not careful.  It is your wealth that will sustain you when the economy is down and will keep growing when the economy is great.  This article explores some of the major expenses that can quickly sap your cash flow and hurt your overall wealth position.

What Is Wealth And Cash Flow

Cash flow is a term often used in real estate investor circles to describe how much money a rental building is bringing in after all expenses have been paid.  Cash flow for an individual is similar in that it is how much money are you saving at the end of the month after all bills have been paid. Wealth is the accumulation of resources including cash.  So if you do have a positive cash flow at the end of the month overtime as you accumulate that cash (whether as plain old cash, investments in stocks, bonds, real estate or something else) you build wealth.  Now keep in mind if you have more debts than you have cash or assets that does not necessarily mean you have much wealth.  The type of debt is also a big factor.  More credit card debt is not a good thing.  Debt that was used to purchase investment real estate is not a bad thing so long as the cash flow from the real estate can keep up with all the expenses.

Things That Can Destroy Your Cash Flow And Wealth

Owning More Home Than You Can Afford...

How Is The Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Real Estate Market Doing For Residential and Investment Properties?

cincicinnati and northern kentucky real estate market overview

How Is The Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Real Estate Market Doing For Residential and Investment Properties?

The real estate market in general all over the United States has been experiencing gains with houses in and around many large cities selling at a quick pace once they hit the market. The Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky markets are no different and have been seeing rapid sales of homes in areas where demand is high.  Residential and investment property have been seeing brisk sales and price gains over the past few years.  Even with the increase in mortgage interest rates the market has not slowed down much.

Residential Real Estate In The Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Markets

The Greater Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky markets generally go hand in hand with each other and many residents of Northern Kentucky commute daily into Cincinnati as well as vice versa.  The south east portion of Indiana is also considered part of the Greater Cincinnati tri-state area and is connected to the region by the I-275 loop which goes through all three states.  On the Indiana side homes tend to have more land available there and the area is not as densely populated as the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas are.

The Greater Cincinnati, Ohio consists of Hamilton, Clermont, Warren and Butler counties.  In Northern Kentucky Boone, Campbell and Kenton counties are the northern most counties closest to Cincinnati.  Due to more land availability new construction homes are more readily available in the Clermont, Warren and Butler counties as well as in Boone and Campbell counties.  Hamilton and Kenton county being more established...

What Sorts Of Environmental Issues Can Affect Real Estate

What Sorts Of Environmental Issues Can Affect Real Estate

What Sorts Of Environmental Issues Can Affect Your Home

When you own real estate you own a piece of land that really cannot be moved.  As a result when certain environmental hazards present themselves it is not as easy as jumping in a car and driving off to avoid the hazard. Instead with land being locked in place it is subject to whatever happens to come by.  As a result environmental issues can have a great impact on real estate affecting everything from its value to its livability. This article explores some common environmental issues that can affect real estate and what if anything can be done about it.

Air Pollution

While most don’t think of air pollution as something that can affect land it can.  Directly air pollution can affect the health of those living on the land and can affect vegetation on the land as well.  If someone wanted to farm the land yet the air pollution resulted in chemicals being deposited on the land (think airborne soot or aerosolized droplets of chemicals that eventually settle on the ground) could have a huge impact on any animals or vegetation on the land used for farming.  The quality of the soil and the health of any farms animals will slowly go down over time. 

Unfortunately there is no cost effective way to avoid air pollution with regards to real estate. Humans could attempt to seal up their home air tight and install air filtration systems so that outdoor air pollution effects are minimized but the expense to do so would be quite high. Additionally the residents would be forced to confine themselves indoors almost 24 hours...

How Real Estate Agents Should Be Representing Their Clients

how real estate agents should be representing their clients

How Real Estate Agents Should Be Representing Their Clients

Real estate representation can be one of those tricky things as many homebuyers and sellers do not understand how real estate agents are supposed to represent their clients.  Real estate agents owe certain duties to their clients that are required under state laws as well as local and national ethics rules.  These duties are meant to protect clients and give them the confidence that their best interest is being taken to account when the agent is carrying out tasks on behalf of their clients.  This article explores what those duties are and provides some examples of agents upholding those duties for their clients.

Duties To A Client

The basic duties owed by a real estate agent, also known as fiduciary duty, to their client includes the duty of loyalty, confidentiality, obedience, candor/disclosure, reasonable care and diligence, and accounting.  These duties are required through state laws and are also a part of the Canon of Ethics that every Realtor is bound to.  Not every real estate agent is a Realtor and is not required to be.  Those real estate agents who wish to use the title of Realtor must join a local Realtor association and join the National Association of Realtors.  Some local boards and multiple listing systems (MLS) to which real estate agents can join in order to market their client’s real estate may be required to join the local and national Realtor association groups as part of membership requirements.

With the duty of loyalty the real estate agent is required to put their client’s interests...

How Will The New Tax Changes Impact Real Estate?

how will the new tax changes impact real estate

How Will The New Tax Changes Impact Cincinnati Real Estate?

The recent changes to the tax law will have an impact on Greater Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky real estate and real estate in other areas as well.  The law makes changes to the tax deductions homeowners and property investors can use.  This article explores what the changes are and how they may impact real estate owners in general.  As this covers the changes more generally it should not be relied upon for tax advice.  Everyone’s tax situation when owning a home is different and for specific tax information related to your situation you should speak with a local tax professional for guidance on what works best for you.

Changes In Mortgage Interest Deduction

Prior to the change in the tax laws married homeowners filing jointly could deduct mortgage interest for mortgages up to one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) in value.  A non-married individual or married filing separately could only claim mortgage interest deductions on a mortgage amount of no more than five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000.00).  Any interest amounts paid above those limits were not deductible.

Under the new law the mortgage limit is now seven hundred fifty thousand dollars ($750,000.00) for married homeowners filing jointly and three hundred seventy five thousand dollars ($375,000.00) for single filers.  Therefore if a married couple have a total mortgage amount in excess of $750,000 they can only deduct interest that goes...

Great Real Estate Blogs From 2017

great real estate blogs from 2017

Great Real Estate Blogs From 2017

With the increase in social media use and the sharing of videos, pictures, audio podcasts and more there is still something to be said for the written word.  Whether the reader wants to read something on the bus while headed to work or is taking a quiet break to catchup on the news humans like to read to gain their knowledge.  There is no rewinding or fast forwarding to get to the good part of an article.  It is all just there for the reader to absorb.  Hence I put together this list of great real estate blog articles from 2017 that are must reads for the homebuyer, home seller, home owner and more.  Not only are the articles great but the bloggers who wrote the articles also know quite a bit about real estate and are happy to share their thoughts with readers.  Check out all the articles in the post below and be sure to read the other great articles from the bloggers mentioned here.

Do You Know What Dual Agency Is?

One of the best blogs of 2017 was Bill Gassett’s article on dual agency. For those who are not familiar with the term, dual agency in real estate is when one agent represents both the buyer and seller in a transaction. Frankly, dual agency is one of the worst things possible for consumers. The only person who benefits from dual agency is the real estate agent who makes a double commission. Whether you are a buyer or a seller when you agree to dual agency you lose the person you hired to represent you!

Here is an example. You hire the best agent in town to sell your home for you. Your confidence is real high in hiring this agent because they are extremely knowledgeable...

Moving To Cincinnati, Ohio? 14 Reasons You’ll Love Living Here

Relocating to Cincinnati, Ohio?  14 Reasons You’ll Love It!!!

Planning on relocating to Cincinnati, OH?  Here are some reasons why you will love the Greater Cincinnati Area which encompasses parts of Indiana, Ohio and Northern Kentucky.  You can travel between the three states and still be close to your home.  Cincinnati has lots to offer for anyone looking to relocated here, where you want hip uptown living, suburban neighborhoods or rural living.  Be sure to check out the Cincinnati Life Facebook group to get up to date information and check out the wide range of homes for sale in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

moving to cincinnati, ohio 14 great reasons why you will love it

1. Community

Cincinnati has a vibrant community with plenty of places to go, meet and be social.  Whether you want to join a local club, attend classes to enhance your knowledge, attend the theater, or more you are bound to find someone with mutual interests.  The different neighborhoods in Cincinnati have a lot of different options to offer.  Whether you want the Downtown Cincinnati feel, the Over The Rhine hip place to be, or prefer a more relaxed living in neighborhoods like Anderson, Delhi, Alexandria, Florence or more Greater Cincinnati has what you are looking for.cincinnati at dusk

2. Cincinnati Is A Food Lovers Paradise

For the past few years a number of Cincinnati eating establishments have been ranking pretty high in the nation.  In fact ...

How Residential Real Estate Differs From Commercial Real Estate Transactions

How Residential Real Estate Differs From Commercial Real Estate Transactions

How Residential Real Estate Differs From Commercial Real Estate Transactions

When people hear the term real estate it is often meant to cover broadly real estate in general.  Basically the land and anything attached to the land like a building, home, factory, warehouse or something else.  Within the real estate world itself residential and commercial real estate are generally looked at differently.  Frequently agents specialize in residential or in commercial real estate since the way each are sold can be quite different.  Residential real estate often has many more federal, state and local laws and regulations that govern the transaction whereas commercial real estate usually does not have as many restrictions.  This article takes a look at some of the differences in residential and commercial real estate.

Financing Differences Between Residential and Commercial Real Estate

One of the big differences encountered in commercial versus residential real estate is that with residential real estate there are a number of government programs and loans that allow buyers to purchase residential real estate for low to zero money down and have low interest rates.  With credit scores as low as 580-600 in some cases homebuyers can buy a home with little money down with a 30 year fixed rate mortgage.  With commercial real estate on the other hand buyer’s credit scores are closely looked at and lenders want to see strong credit as well as sufficient assets to protect in case of default on the loan.  Commercial lenders do not have the same government loan programs and instead will offer loans with high interest rates and shorter terms (15-20 year loans sometimes with a balloon drawing money...

What Is A Tiny Home?

information about tiny homes

What Is A Tiny Home?

You may have heard of the Tiny Home movement and been curious about what exactly is a tiny home and why would anyone want one.  A tiny home generally is a home that is generally under 500 square feet.  Tiny homes contain all the features of a regular home including bathroom, kitchen, dining and sleeping areas.  Tiny homes are generally designed to be energy efficient and usually built with green materials.  One of the goal of the tiny home movement is to reduce the environmental impact of housing both in terms of the actual building of the home as well as through reduced energy consumption while the home is in use. 

Not only is money saved through energy efficiency but the total overall cost of the tiny home can be much lower than that of a traditional house.  The average cost of a tiny house can start at $5000.00 and go up to $70,000.00 which is much cheaper than the average suburban home.  At the lower end of the pricing scale many may not even need a mortgage, whereas at the higher end a mortgage may be desired. 

Tiny homes are generally built to last as long as a traditional home would.  Some tiny home owners have built the homes themselves using kits that contain most everything needed to assemble the basic home.  Additionally tiny homes builders and developers are working to put tiny homes on wheels so construction worker building a tiny homethey are more mobile.

Tiny Homes and Zoning

Since tiny homes is a relatively new movement in relation to the current housing market many cities and municipalities may not have...

A Look Back At Some Of The Great Real Estate Articles From 2016

a look back at some of the great real estate articles from 2016

A Look Back At Some Of The Great Real Estate Articles From 2016

The year 2016 saw many real estate related articles published with the intent of informing readers about various issues in the real estate area.  Some articles while trying to be informative may miss the mark and instead up trying to sell something rather than inform.  Many other articles though succeed in informing readers so that they have the latest and greatest knowledge needed to help them with their real estate.  In this article I highlight some of those great articles from 2016 and hope you enjoy them as much as many others did. 

best articles from 2016 for home sellers

best Articles from 2016 for home sellers

Best Way To Remove Wallpaper 

One of my favorite articles from 2016 was a very helpful post from Bill Gassett, one of the top real estate agents in Southborough Mass. One of the things Realtors are constantly doing for their clients is recommending improvements that can be made that either help the salability of a home or bring more money. One of the features that impacts the sale of a home in a negative way more than any other is wallpaper. Unfortunately, wallpaper dates a home! It is a very personal choice that is almost always a love or hate thing. Far more often, however, people hate wallpaper. A good real estate agent should be able to communicate this effectively...

Real Estate Zoning Laws

real estate zoning laws picture of downtown cincinnati

Real Estate Zoning Laws

Zoning laws are the rules and regulations set by local government to control what types of buildings (residential, commercial, industrial, retail) can be built and where. In order to keep some uniformity and consistency many governments restrict areas so that they are only residential, commercial or industrial in order to avoid conflicts between the different land uses and in order to better provide for allocation of services like utilities, roads, police and fire functions. For instance an industrial plastics factory being built right next to a residential area can cause problems with the people living in those homes since the smell of plastic could affect their property value and quality of living. Additionally a high density residential area will require more services in terms of utilities and roads than an industrial area where there are a few large buildings but with fewer people present.

By controlling land use through zoning governments can ensure property values remain consistent, making a city or town more appealing for existing and new residents. By having uniform sections where only one type of zoning use can be put into place the government ensures a new farm or industrial factory won’t setup next door to nice homes and chase away the residents. Stable property values also leads to a stable tax base which the government can use for more consistent planning of city services and functions. Not only does uniform zoning benefit residential areas it also benefits commercial retail establishments located in one area by helping to shape traffic flows through road construction. Retail centers can be put into places where the streets and roads can handle heavier vehicle traffic versus having lighter use roads in...

The Real Estate Professionals Who Help With Selling Your Home

the real estate professionals who help with selling you home

The Real Estate Partners Who Help You With Your Home Sale

The process of selling your home is a complicated process with a lot of different activities going on at the same time. Many of the activities are dependent on each other in that the success in one will allow the other to be successful as well.   For instance prior to the mortgage lender being able to fund the loan commitment the house must appraise at or above the amount that is being borrowed to purchase the home. In the end though all the activities associated with selling your home do go to one end point and that is the actual sale of your home to the buyers. This article will explain to you the partners who will be working with you and your buyers to help get your home sold.

Putting Home On Market and Purchase Offer

When putting a home on sale a majority of home sellers (more than 85%) use Realtors to list and market their home for sale. Realtors partner with home sellers in order to provide input and guidance on home preparation, home staging, pricing and more in order to put the home in the best possible light for home buyers. Once the preparation stage of the home is complete the home is put on the market through the Multiple Listing Service.

A Realtor will submit an offer on your home in a majority of situations on behalf of their buyer clients. The offer will contain the purchase amount, how the purchase will be made (cash, financing, some other means) and will contain contingencies conditioning the purchase of the home upon home inspection, real estate contract picture ...

Superb Springtime Real Estate Articles For May 2016

picture of lady with laptop for superb real estate articles

Superb Springtime Real Estate Articles For May 2016

May can be a busy month for everyone.  School is coming to a close so vacation planning may start or some may be in the midst of moving themselves and may miss some of the great real estate articles presented here on this list.  When things do settle down make sure to catch up on all the great real estate reads from real estate bloggers around the world in order to enhance your own knowledge and understanding.

Should You Buy A Fixer Upper?

Yes you may find a good deal on a fixer upper but are you truly ready to undertake what could be many countless hours and plenty of money to fix up the home you are considering?  If you buy the wrong home it could end up costing you big time in the long run if everything needed to be fixed up requires a licensed contractor and/or permits.  There is a smart way to buy a fixer upper as Ryan Fitzgerald points out in his excellent article "Don't Buy a Fixer Upper (Until you Read This!)".  Ryan takes you through many excellent points and smart moves in order to make sure your purchase of a fixer upper is a smart financial move and does not turn into a big money loser.

Is There A Secret Plan To Selling A Home Fast?

In fact there is a way to sell your home fast and it does not necessarily involve any magic or secret as Lynn Pineda expertly points out in her article entitled "How Can I Sell My Home Fast?"  Lynn takes you through the right approach to selling a home fast and includes detailed...

Great Social Media Platforms To Use For Real Estate

Great Social Media Platforms To Use For Real Estate graphic

Great Social Media Platforms To Use For Real Estate

Being a social media aficionado I find myself with many social media apps on my smartphone and using those many different social media platforms to share my knowledge. Social media is great in that it allows direct interaction and sharing of knowledge and information with anyone. As an active blogger I try use social media to help spread the word about the articles I have written so that someone out there may find some answers to a problem they are having or to a situation they have encountered. Not only do I share my own content on social media and I am also sharing the content of other experts through my social media accounts as can be seen by my articles 35 Top Bloggers and Social Media Power Players and by my Best of 2015 Real Estate Articles. There is a lot of great information out there on the internet and social media is a great way to share the best content.

Content curation social networks like,, and others help social media sharers organize the content they want to share in one easy location. The advantage with many of these networks is your ability to organize groups of articles into topics to make it easy to find. This allows you to have a real estate section, a YouTube video section, a podcast section or a combination of that and more. It is a great way to share the stuff you find to be valuable and informative in one location.  Take a look at these platforms and decide which ones can help you...

Best Real Estate Blog Articles For 2015

Image with text that says Best Real Estate Blog Articles For 2015.

Best Real Estate Blog Articles of 2015

There are many blogs out there and with the amount of content produced daily it can be overwhelming to find good sources of information. With that in mind I put together a list of the best real estate blog articles for 2015.  These are articles that I find to be thoughtful, insightful or informative.   The bloggers who wrote these articles go out of their way to share the latest information with any reader who is wanting to be up to date in real estate.  These articles are presented in no particular order and cover a wide variety of real estate topics.

The List

Bill Gassett of wrote about home ownership tax advantages in 2015 and it is a good time to get refreshed on this topic with tax season right around the corner. Knowing what tax benefits home ownership gets you is important so you are not leaving money on the table.

Need some garage sale suggestions? Well Deb Rhodes of has you covered. When getting your home ready for sale reducing clutter and getting rid of unwanted items should be a goal. This article by Deb gets you on the road to having a successful garage sale that will help your home look better when it comes time to put it on the market.

When it comes time to buy a home, getting a mortgage...

Top 35 Bloggers & Social Media Real Estate Power Players

Picture of people Working together top social media real estate agents

Top 35 Bloggers & Social Media Power Players in the Real Estate Industry

We live in a world where things start and often end with the Internet. Real estate is no different in that people looking to buy or sell a home begin their search online. Whether searching for information on how to sell a home or looking for a real estate agent to help them out the Internet is where it is at. With this recent posting of mine I am compiling a list of the Top 35 Bloggers and Social Media Real Estate Power Players on the Internet. Many of these bloggers and social media users are very active in spreading and sharing knowledge to anyone and everyone who needs it. I would recommend you follow, connect, circle, or like all of these people in the list in order to learn from those willing to teach or to get assistance from those willing to help.

Real Estate Agents

  1. Bill Gassett at is a top Massachusetts real estate agent, very active blogger, highly active social media personality, 28 year real estate industry veteran and all around great sharer of knowledge and information. If there is any topic in real estate you want to know more about Bill has probably written about it on his blog. Bill is very active on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. Bill’s recent article on escrow holdback is a great read.
  2. Anita Clark at is a top real estate agent and blogger in the Warner Robins and Houston County, Georgia...

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