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Great Things To Do In Cincinnati During The Fall

great things t todo in the fall in Cincinnati

Great Things To Do In Cincinnati During The Fall

The weather may have finally cooled off a bit but that does not mean there is nothing to do.  In fact quite the opposite there are plenty of things to do for those who live in and around the Greater Cincinnati area.  Fall time activities abound in Cincinnati as this article explores.

Fall Fruit Picking

Want to pick your own fresh fruit from the tree?  Be sure to check out these farms to get apples or pumpkins.  Earlier in the season is better in order to get a good selection.

A&M Orchard

Located in Midland, Ohio this orchard is about a 40-50 minute drive from Cincinnati.  A&M Orchard have a wide variety of apples to pick from as well as a pumpkin patch for picking out fresh pumpkins.  They also sell apple jams, cider and more in their store.

Tuken’s Orchard & Farm Market

Located in West Alexandria which is about one hour north of Cincinnati and directly east of Dayton Tuken’s Orchard & Farm Market offer a variety of apples to pick and fresh vegetables grown locally on the farm.  Tuken’s also features a critter corral where visitors can see and interact with farm animals.

McGlasson Farms

Located in Hebron, Kentucky McGlasson Farms is less than 30 minutes away from Cincinnati depending on your location.  They feature live music performances by local bands, apple and...

Great Burger Joints To Try In Cincinnati

great burgers in cincinnati

Great Burgers In Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky

Have a craving for a burger?  Check out this list with some of the tried and true burger places in Cincinnati.  From the traditional burger to the unique offerings this list has something for everyone.

Fifty West Brewing

Fifty West Brewing offers an assortment of burgers that pair well with their brews.  From spicy burgers to burgers topped with chili they have something for everyone.  Swap the burger with grilled chicken or a black bean burger.


Fine Dining In Cincinnati

fine dining

Fine Dine Options In Cincinnati

For those looking for an elegant meal in Greater Cincinnati there are plenty of options to pick from.  Some of these restaurants are established ones that have been around for a while as well as newer ones.  They all offer great food choices in a more elegant surrounding guaranteed to satisfy your palate.

Jeff Ruby Steakhouse

Jeff Ruby has been one of the mainstays for Cincinnati fine dining.  Offering high end steaks cooked to order there are three different restaurants to choose from in the Greater Cincinnati area.


Great Bakeries In Cincinnati

Cincinnati Bakeries

Great Bakeries In Cincinnati

Looking for some great bakeries in Cincinnati?  Look no further than the list below.  While not all inclusive this list does cover many of the local small business bakeries that are in and around Cincinnati and provide great cakes, cupcakes, pastries and more!


If you are looking for some awesome baked goods then Sugar is the place for you.  Located in the Over The Rhine area north of downtown Cincinnati Sugar offers plenty of deliciously sweet treats that will have you going back for more.


Tips For Supporting Local Cincinnati Businesses During The Pandemic

Tips For Supporting Local Cincinnati Businesses During The Pandemic

Tips For Supporting Local Cincinnati Businesses During The Pandemic

The pandemic has resulted in many businesses suffering due to the slowdown in spending.  Local small businesses have been hurting the most since they rely on local foot traffic to keep their business running.  Travel has also decreased during the pandemic which means fewer tourist dollars for local businesses as well.  With local businesses struggling that means those employed by local businesses are also seeing their hours cut or even worse being let go.  This article provides some tips for helping out local businesses so they can survive the downturn during the pandemic.

Buy and Eat Local

While sites like Amazon, Walmart, Target and more offer options for buying things online and getting them shipped locally, there are many local small businesses and shops who sell the same items.  By buying local you are ensuring your money gets used to help local businesses and that means getting the items you need/want even quicker since one just needs to buy and take with them their purchases.  Spending your money locally means that money is used by the shop owner to pay their employees who also live in the local area.  Look for shops that offer locally produced or grown items for even a bigger impact.  

Consider local restaurants outside of the usual chain restaurants when buying cooked to order meals.  While chain restaurants employ local people often times with the very large chains any profits from the business is usually sent out of the local area.  Whereas with a locally owned restaurant any profits the owner generates stays in the...

Where To Get Great Ice Cream In Cincinnati?

Where To Get Great Ice Cream In Cincinnati?

cincinnati ice cream

Cincinnati summers can get quite hot and humid and what better way to beat the heat than with a nice cool treat.  Whether your craving is for a hot fudge sundae or just a scoop of your favorite ice cream flavor Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky have some unique places for you to try.  Check out some of the places on the list below and let us know what you think is your favorite local Cincinnati ice cream place.

Graeter's Ice Cream

Graeter's Ice Cream got it's start in 1870!  That's a long time to be making ice cream, but you know they have perfected their craft by being around that long.  Known around the U.S. due to their flavor Graeter's has been noted in magazines such as Forbes, Vanity Fair, Saveur and more.


Who Has The Best Donuts In Cincinnati?

Who Has The Best Donuts In Cincinnati?

Who Has The Best Donuts In Cincinnati?

What's not to love about about tasty baked or fried donut treats which come glazed, cake type, yeast raised, with sprinkles, frosted, or filled donuts.  Great for snacking, as a desert or with coffee in the morning there over ten billion donuts eaten annually in the US alone.  Cincinnati has many different donut options to choose from as this list explores.

Holtman's Donuts

Holtman's Donuts has been around since 1960 with the very first shop in Newtown, Ohio.  There are currently five locations serving some of the unique and tasty donuts they have to offer.  Locations include Loveland, Oakley, OTR, West Chester and Williamsburg.


Where To Get Great Tacos In Cincinnati

Where To Get Great Tacos In Cincinnati

Where To Get Great Tacos In Cincinnati

Who doesn’t love tacos. Whether soft tacos or hard tacos and fillings of ground meat fish or vegetables sometimes a taco is what is needed to hit the spot.  Cincinnati being a foodie town is no stranger to tacos and this post looks at some of the great taco places in and around the Greater Cincinnati area.  Presented in no particular order, be sure to check out the places below when a taco craving comes on.  (All the restaurants on this list offer both meat and vegetarian options)


Nothing goes along better with great tacos than great homemade salsa which Gomez has.  Salsa recipes passed down through family tradition go great on their tacos, nachos, burritos and their unique turtle offering.  We are sure you will agree based on the pictures that the food will be great.  Gomez is located in the Walnut Hills and Over the Rhine neighborhoods of Cincinnati. Meat and vegetarian options are available.


Great Things To Do In Cincinnati During The Summer

great things to do in Cincinnati During The Summer

Great Things To Do In Cincinnati During The Summer

Looking for some fun things to do in Cincinnati this summer?  Whether you are a resident or visiting from out of town, Cincinnati has lots to different options to keep one busy.  From amusement parks, water parks, museums, the theater, food, and more check out some of the great things Cincinnati has to offer below.

Amusement Parks

Looking to ride some roller coasters or get wet with some water slides or both then Kings Island (located a little over 20 miles north of Cincinnati) is for you.  Kings Island offers a variety of different roller coasters and other carnival type rides to keep one busy all day.  In addition to the rides Kings Island offers Soak City for cooling off and enjoying the water.  With thirty six water slides, two wave pools and more Soak City can be enjoyed on its own or in conjunction with the roller coaster and regular rides in Kings Island.

Closer to Cincinnati (approximately 10 miles east of the downtown area) is Coney Island that also offers rides and a water park. Coney Island’s offers a number of different thrill rides and carnival type games to keep you entertained.  On the water park side Coney offers water slides, a water tower, a diving pool and has the world’s largest recirculating pool which covers two acres.  Whether you want to enjoy the water park or the carnival rides Coney is another place to go in Cincinnati.


Cincinnati has many different museums to choose from offering options...

Where To Get Great Barbecue In Cincinnati

where to find great barbecue in cincinnati ohio

Where To Get Great Barbecue In Cincinnati

When people hear Cincinnati they may commonly think about the special variety of chili available here (that is a topic for another blog article), Graeters ice cream, goetta or some of the Cincinnati based specialty sausages of German origin.  Some may not know Cincinnati has a great barbecue presence that includes a nationally recognized barbecue joints.  Cincinnati is definitely a foodie paradise and barbecue is no exception as can be seen by the list of great barbecue places listed below.

Eli’s BBQ

Eli’s BBQ started up business in 2011 serving up delicious barbecue on Cincinnati’s Fountain Square.  With the initial success from a summer of hard work they decided to open up a brick and mortar shop on Cincinnati’s east side.  Now Eli’s BBQ has five locations located all over the Cincinnati area.  In 2016 online business news magazine Business Insider named Eli’s number three in the nation of top barbecue places in the US.  Come early though to make sure you get a seat as their food has been known to sell out due to the huge demand.


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