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What To Know About Remodeling A Bathroom

What To Know About Remodeling A Bathroom

What To Know About Remodeling A Bathroom

Remodeling a bathroom can improve the look of a home, increase its value and maybe even save the homeowner some money over the long term.  Homeowners need to understand the process of remodeling a bathroom so they can make sure it is done correctly.  This article looks at some of the steps a homeowner should take when wanting to remodel a bathroom.

Steps To Take Prior To Remodeling

Homeowners need to consider whether they plan to take the do it yourself (DIY) approach for the remodel or hire a contractor.  While the DIY approach can save money, if the homeowner does not have the necessary skills to lay tile, update or move plumbing and install electrical fixtures it might be best to leave it to the pros.  It will cost more to redo work than it would had the homeowner hired a pro from the start.

The homeowner should be considering what are the goals for the bathroom remodel?  Are they simply looking for an update of the bathroom or do they want to do more like add or remove a shower or tub?  A simple bathroom update which usually means new vanity, sink top, faucet, toilet, tile and man holding hand uppaint will not be as expensive as would be adding a shower or tub to an existing bathroom along with the remodel.  Adding a shower or tub to a bathroom that does not have one can increase the value of the home since full bathrooms are valued higher than half baths.  

On the other hand, removing a full bath and converting it to a half bath could reduce the value depending on how many bathrooms are in the house already.  If the reduction to a half bath means the home has fewer full bathrooms than a similar home has then the value will likely go down.  Of course, in a home that has five full baths where three or four are common the conversion to a half bath may not have a negative impact on the home’s value.

For those homeowners that will be hiring a contractor to do the work for them they should start early by looking for referrals to contractors who do good work.  Homeowners should be hiring trusted contractors who actually want to do a good job and get paid for that work, versus the contractor who just wants the money and may not finish the work or worse may do a poor job that needs to be redone.  Good contractors can be busy so while the search may start now the work may not start right away.  A contractor who offers the lowest bid and is able to start the soonest may not be the best option if they don’t come recommended from others.

During The Remodel

Things can get very messy during a remodel.  The process of taking down walls, tiles, old fixtures will kick up a lot of dust that will drift to other parts of the home.  While contractors should do their best to keep that dust to a minimum it is hard to control it 100%.  The contractors should be keeping the work area clean and dust that settles outside of the work area the homeowner should take care of.  If cleanliness is a big concern for the homeowner then they should be addressing that on their own and cleaning up in the non-work areas after the work is done for the day or addressing that in the contract as to what the contractor should be cleaning up at the end of each workday.

The work will also be very noisy from the power tools, hammering, sawing and cutting.  Pets and young children may be bothered by the noise so make some arrangements for them to be out of the home during the work if it will be to upsetting for them.  If the house is large enough where the pets and children can go to so as to be away from the noise that could also be helpful.  Generally loud noises when it comes to remodeling cannot be avoided.

The homeowner needs to have their selections for the new tile, paint color, fixtures and more made ahead of time so that the contractor can stay on schedule.  Ask the contractor where they get their materials from and go to that store and pick out what is needed and let the contractor know.  Depending on the terms of the contract some homeowners pick out the items they want and the contractor will pay for them and deliver them to the house.  In other contracts the homeowner picks out, pays for and may need to arrange for delivery of the items for the contractor to install.

Expect a bathroom remodel to take some time.  It is certainly not something that can happen in a day and depending on the size of the bathroom a couple of weeks’ worth of work can be expected depending on the crew size of the contractor.  With a smaller bathroom fewer people can fit in the bathroom to do the work so expect more time there.  Some contractors operate with smaller teams as it is so that can be also be a factor.  If getting the work done quickly is important then the homeowner should be discussing the timing of the job with the contractor and what they can do to help speed things up.

Can A Bathroom Remodel Help You Save Money?

Over the short term there is no obvious money savings considering how much money will need to be paid to buy supplies and/or hire a contractor.  Over the long term though if you are going from a bathroom with a drippy/inefficient faucet or an old toilet to a new low water consumption toilet and low flow faucet you can save money on your monthly water bill.   If you are going from old style fixtures which use incandescent light bulbs, the new LED powered lighting fixtures can help save on your drawing moneyelectric bill.  While the savings may not amount to much to start over times it can add up.

Updating a home in general can mean an increase in the value of a home.  Current home buyers don’t want to buy an outdated home unless they are getting a steep discount on it.  A modern home that is move in ready will be at the top of many list for many buyers.  Of course there is value in having a modern updated bathroom that the homeowner gets to enjoy for themselves if selling the home is not in the plan.

Bottom Line

A bathroom remodel can help improve the value of a home by adding modern touches.  Modern/updated bathrooms are sought after by most buyers if selling a home is part of the thought process.  Homeowners can even save money over time with the water and electric bill with energy efficient fixtures, low flow faucets and toilets.

Additional Resources

About the author: The above article “What To Know About Remodeling A Bathroom" was provided by Luxury Real Estate Specialist Paul Sian. Paul can be reached at or by phone at 513-560-8002. If you’re thinking of selling or buying your investment or commercial business property I would love to share my marketing knowledge and expertise to help you.  Contact me today!

I work in the following Greater Cincinnati, OH and Northern KY areas: Alexandria, Amberly, Amelia, Anderson Township, Cincinnati, Batavia, Blue Ash, Covington, Edgewood, Florence, Fort Mitchell, Fort Thomas, Hebron, Hyde ParkIndian Hill, Kenwood, Madeira, Mariemont, Milford, Montgomery, Mt. Adams, Mt. Washington, Newport, Newtown, Norwood, Taylor Mill, Terrace Park, Union Township, and Villa Hills.

What To Know About Remodeling A Bathroom


#1 By Gabe Sanders at 11/27/2021 0:43 PM

Great tips for those considering a bathroom remodel.

#2 By Lake Forest Remodeling at 1/30/2022 9:03 PM

So much truth here! Unless a homeowner has been trained in performing the remodeling, we would suggest finding a qualified contractor to save the time and headache of trying to figure it all out. If electing to perform the renovation yourself, it will likely take you much longer because of the trial and error that's usually avoided with experienced professionals. Completely agree that finding the right contractor is probably better worth your time and overall satisfaction. There are plenty of contractors that are knowledgeable AND affordable, just make sure they are licensed, bonded, and insured! Thanks for the great write up.

#3 By Paul at 1/31/2022 6:29 AM

Thanks Gabe and Lake Forest Remodeling.

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