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Fine Dining In Cincinnati

fine dining

Fine Dine Options In Cincinnati

For those looking for an elegant meal in Greater Cincinnati there are plenty of options to pick from.  Some of these restaurants are established ones that have been around for a while as well as newer ones.  They all offer great food choices in a more elegant surrounding guaranteed to satisfy your palate.

Jeff Ruby Steakhouse

Jeff Ruby has been one of the mainstays for Cincinnati fine dining.  Offering high end steaks cooked to order there are three different restaurants to choose from in the Greater Cincinnati area.


November 2021 Greater Cincinnati Luxury Real Estate Report

Inflation is starting to take a bigger bite out of the consumer spending.  While luxury homes are less likely to be impacted due to demographics, the Federal Reserve will be forced to raise interest rates in order to dampen inflation.  The higher interest rates eventually work their way into mortgage rates which will then cause buyers to pause their real estate purchases or to look for something cheaper.  In Cincinnati, luxury homes sold during the month of November remained consistent with October 2021 numbers with the main notable difference of the median price being higher..

November 2021 Greater Cincinnati Luxury Real Estate Market Report


Garage Updates That Can Help Increase The Value Of A Home

Garage Updates That Can Help Increase The Value Of A Home

Garage Updates That Can Help Increase The Value Of Your Home

The garage is often one of the under looked areas of the house when it comes to making updates.  While some homeowners are using their garages for keeping cars there are plenty of other homeowners who use the garage for more.  Generally, the garages on the whole should be kept with the main purpose of parking cars when making updates regardless of how it is used.  This article looks at some useful updates that improve the look of the garage and can help boost the value of the home.

Garage Updates The Make Sense


Unless a garage is only used to park cars and nothing else it can always benefit from better organization.  Adding shelves, wall hooks, cabinets and more make the garage more functional and give a place to put everything in or on.  A cleaner more organized garage looks better and makes it easier to find things when they are needed.  Garden/lawn tools that are set out of the way secured by wall hooks means lower chances of injury to the homeowner and to the cars as they come in and out of the garage.  

Many companies sell garage specific cabinetry that are more durable and designed to fit tall tools.  With those cabinets regardless of what is stored in there they are designed to take a beating and still look great.  They come in different color options depending on what works for the home.  If the goal is to sell the house, a clean and well-organized garage is a big selling point for home buyers.



Great Local Cincinnati Charities To Know About For #GivingTuesday

giving tuesday cincinnati charities to consider

Local Greater Cincinnati Charities To Know About For #GivingTuesday

After Thanksgiving comes Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and then Cyber Monday.  Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are all about buying something at a discount or buying local in anticipation of the upcoming holidays of Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, Festivus and more.  Another day for consideration is #GivingTuesday.  With #GivingTuesday the idea is to contribute some money to a charity of your choosing so those who are in need can benefit as well from the holiday season.  Being a personal fan of local charities I have compiled a number of local charities in this article.   These charities operate in both the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area and Northern Kentucky areas.  Take a look at the great things these local charities are doing and consider donating to them or becoming a volunteer.

La Soupe

La Soupe located at 4150 Round Bottom Road Cincinnati, OH 45244 and helps people get nutritious meals.  Founded in 2014 by Chef Suzy DeYoung the goal of La Soupe is to repurpose excess food (that would otherwise be thrown out) to create tasty and nutritious soups and meals for those in need.  Currently La Soupe rescues approximately 5000 pounds of food per week and with that is able to feed 2000 children in and around the Cincinnati area.  La Soupe recently sent 23,000 pounds of food to assist with hurricane recovery efforts in Houston, Texas.

Not only does La Soupe give soup to those in need they also sell their soups to anyone wanting to buy their delicious...

Tips For Selling A Home In Winter

tips for selling a home in the winter

Tips For Selling Your Home In Winter

Real estate is one of those things that sell year-round.  Regardless if it is in the dead of winter or during the hot summer months people will buy and sell homes.  Real estate does have its cycles where certain times there are more homes for sale and more buyers ready to buy.  Other times, like winter, there are fewer buyers and fewer homes for sale.  For those wanting to sell their home in the winter that means fewer sellers to compete with and buyers who are more serious about buying.  This article provides tips for home sellers to make sure their home shines for the buyers who are out looking to buy.

Interior and Exterior Preparation Tips

Interior Preparation

If a home hasn’t had a coat of fresh paint in the last few years making sure the rooms are painted with a neutral color will help when it comes to showings.  A majority of home buyers these days are looking for move in ready homes.  Old and worn paint or paint that is unique to a certain decorating style can limit the buyer pool who is interested in making an offer.  With an already smaller than usual buyer pool it makes sense to have colors that are neutral and appealing to all to increase the chances of getting strong offers.

The interior of the home should present well overall.  That means having clean windows, clean carpets/flooring as well as clean appliances.  Old worn carpets are a definite turn off to buyers.  Rough and faded hardwood floors do not convey a move in ready vibe.  Replacing...

What To Know About Remodeling A Bathroom

What To Know About Remodeling A Bathroom

What To Know About Remodeling A Bathroom

Remodeling a bathroom can improve the look of a home, increase its value and maybe even save the homeowner some money over the long term.  Homeowners need to understand the process of remodeling a bathroom so they can make sure it is done correctly.  This article looks at some of the steps a homeowner should take when wanting to remodel a bathroom.

Steps To Take Prior To Remodeling

Homeowners need to consider whether they plan to take the do it yourself (DIY) approach for the remodel or hire a contractor.  While the DIY approach can save money, if the homeowner does not have the necessary skills to lay tile, update or move plumbing and install electrical fixtures it might be best to leave it to the pros.  It will cost more to redo work than it would had the homeowner hired a pro from the start.

The homeowner should be considering what are the goals for the bathroom remodel?  Are they simply looking for an update of the bathroom or do they want to do more like add or remove a shower or tub?  A simple bathroom update which usually means new vanity, sink top, faucet, toilet, tile and man holding hand uppaint will not be as expensive as would be adding a shower or tub to an existing bathroom along with the remodel.  Adding a shower or tub to a bathroom that does not have one can increase the value of the home since full bathrooms are valued higher than half baths....

October 2021 Greater Cincinnati Luxury Real Estate Report

There are some signs of a slowdown in the Greater Cincinnati luxury real estate market as compared to September 2021.  Median price has decreased and the average days on market has increased.  Some slow down is to be expected as we head into the winter months.  Mortgage rates have also ticked up slightly which can account for some of the slowdown.  As the economy continues to go through it's post-pandemic motions how things shape out remain to be seen.

October 2021 Greater Cincinnati Luxury Real Estate Report

Rising Mortgages and Home Sales - Year over year existing home sales have fallen as the pandemic frenzy appears to have tapered some.  The question though is this transitory?


How Do I Ship or Transport My Car Across Country

How Do I Ship or Transport My Car Across Country

Everything You Need to Know About Shipping a Car When Moving

If you need to ship a car across the country, there are many things to consider. Your focus might be on keeping the costs down, but other factors are essential as well. To ensure your car is transported safely and delivered when you want it, there are some things you should do to prepare.

Car shipping should not be taken lightly as it is easy to run into problems if you're not careful. To help you transport a car across the country, let's take an in-depth look at what you need to think about and do before committing with one of the car shipping companies.

Picking the right auto transport company will be a vital part of having a pleasant moving experience.

Choosing How to Transport Your Car

If you need to move your vehicle to the other side of the country, you have a few options. Don’t start researching auto shipping companies before thoroughly weighing up your options.


Often cars are shipped because their owners don’t like the idea of driving across the country. If you choose to drive your vehicle, you will face expenses, including gas, food, and lodging costs, if the journey is further than you can move in a day.

You will also pay for gas when you have your car shipped, and semi-trucks aren’t known for their excellent gas mileage. The truck driver has to be paid as well, as do the customer service representatives and the other people who work for the company. They have licensing and fees to pay too, and they still need to make a profit.

All of this might make shipping your car for shorter distances...

4 Smart Tips For Buying A New Construction Luxury Home

 new construction luxury home

4 Smart Tips For Building A New Construction Luxury Home

For those looking to build a luxury home from scratch starting with the right steps is helpful as the process of building a new home can be a lengthy process.  Start in the wrong order and months can be added to that timeline.  This article presents a great overview of what luxury home buyers should be doing when they want to buy a new construction luxury home.

Get Finances In Order

Whether one plans to use cash or finance the purchase of a new construction luxury home with a mortgage, getting everything in order at the start is needed to prevent a last-minute scramble.  Cash needs to be in cash so that means liquidating any crypto, stocks, or other non-cash investments in order to make sure the money is available when needed.  With new home construction there are periodic payments made to the builder, sometimes these are referred to as progress payments.  There will be an initial down payment required and then along the way as the home gets built additional funds will need to be paid to the builder.  On closing any remaining amount owed are paid in full and ownership of the house is transferred to the buyer.

Sometimes the land needs to be purchased up front and then the buyer will work with a builder to get the actual house built.  If paying with cash then the cost of the land will need to be paid right away.  On the other hand, buying a home with a mortgage can make good financial sense with interest rates as low as they are at the time of writing this article.  For buying a new construction luxury home a ...

September 2021 Greater Cincinnati Luxury Real Estate Market Report

The notable change from last month is the increase time on market homes have spent while on sale and the fewer homes sold overall.  September is a time that should see an increase in sales when looking at historical trends.  Fall is a time when home listings increase and buyers activity also increase.  So while homes for sale did increase the number of homes sold dropped compared to August.  Whether this represents a long term change in the market shifting from sellers market to buyers market remains to be seen.


August 2021 Greater Cincinnati Luxury Real Estate Market Report


Can You Buy A Home With Bitcoin?

Can You Buy A Home With Cryptocurrency?

Can You Buy Real Estate With Cryptocurrency?

With the increase in value that Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies have been seeing over the past few years the question that sometimes gets asked is can one buy a house using cryptocurrency.  The answer to that is it depends. Generally, homes in the US are usually bought using US Dollars.  Converting cryptocurrency to dollars does allow one to buy that home with the cryptocurrency they have but is not as direct as it would be if the buyer directly transferred the cryptocurrency to the seller and did not have to convert to dollars.  This article explores the possibility of using cryptocurrency to buy real estate.

What Is A Cryptocurrency?

From Investopedia “A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that is secured by cryptography, which makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend.”  Currency is a medium of exchange which most of us know and use as the dollars and coins in our wallets/purses. defines cryptography as “the procedures, processes, methods, etc., of making and using secret writing, as codes or ciphers.”  So the crypto part of cryptocurrency is the aspect of making it secure from theft and counterfeiting.  We also use digital dollars and cents when we buy things with credit cards or debit cards but that money is not tracked/secured to the level a cryptocurrency would be.  There is a lot more to it than defined/explained above but the quick definition of cryptocurrency is that is a virtual...

Home Depot Truck Rental Prices and Reviews

home depot truck rental article graphic

What to Know About Renting a Home Depot Truck

Are you wondering if renting a truck at Home Depot will be a good move? Remodeling and redesigning the interior of your home involves many ideas and hard work. Home Depot is a great place to get your home design work done.

If you are doing a significant amount of work to your property, renting one of their trucks could be extremely helpful.

The Home Depot truck rental service makes home projects an easy job when it comes to transportation. You'll find this to be true for large houses and small apartments. Where Home Depot really excels, though, is when you want to make a do-it-yourself move.

Many folks have discovered renting a Home Depot truck to be a much cheaper option than hiring a professional moving company. You can save a substantial amount of money when making a local move.

The Home Depot rental trucks are such a handy tool, no matter the size of your project. Let's take a look at everything you need to know about their rental truck options.

Home Depot Truck Rental Fleet Overview

At Home Depot, you will discover an entire fleet. There is an appropriate vehicle for each need you might incur during your moving process.

You can choose among flatbed, cargo vans, box trucks, or large Penske trucks for moving operations. The trucks come in sizes from 12 feet up to 26 feet.

The rental locations are everywhere around the country, either at a Home Depot store or several other rental points.

Booking a Home Depot Vehicle

There are no reservations in...

The Pros and Cons Of A College Rental Property

college rental pros and cons

The Pros and Cons Of A College Rental Property

Within residential rental property there is the college student rental subset that investors can consider.  Rents can be higher with a college student rental but the turnover and turnover costs can also be higher.  Whereas with a traditional rental property tenants sometime stay for years at a time, with college rental there can be new tenants every year.  College rentals have consistent demand and can be recession proof.  There are other pros and cons to consider when buying college student rentals as this article explores.

Pro: Higher Rents

Rents over all run higher for college student rentals and some of the reasons for that include: the fact that tenants may only be there for a year or less higher rents can be charged; college students can be a little harsher on their living quarters; overall demand for rentals close to a college campus are high in general; and students can join together to help offset the cost of renting a place.  A four-bedroom house can house 4 students and even more when the students share rooms.  An equivalent sized house in a non-university area will more likely be housing a family where one or two of the residents will be responsible for paying the rent and they have more options to consider.

Pro: Consistent Demand

So long as the rental property is located close to a well-regarded college or university there should always be demand from students for off campus housing.  Many college rental owners start their ...

August 2021 Greater Cincinnati Luxury Real Estate Market Report

Median price for luxury homes ticked down slightly compared to July 2021.  The quantity of homes sold and homes available for sale ticked up a modest amount.  The average days on market a home spent waiting to get purchased did go up by 7 days.  The fact that homes are spending some more time on market can reflect a trend that home sales are slowing down.  In the alternative as people took an extra vacation in August to make up for lost time there just may have been fewer buyers in the market at the time.  September's numbers will be better able to show if this is a trend of a shift towards the market becoming a buyer's market..

August 2021 Greater Cincinnati Luxury Real Estate Market Report

Home Prices Dip - Home price gains dipped a little as buyers in larger numbers started to sit out and wait it out in this very seller drive market.  Sellers still have a strong market working in their favor though.


What Are Some Of The Common Causes Of Delay In Closing On A Home?

common causes of closing delays

What Are Some Of The Common Causes Of A Delay In Closing On A Home?

When buying or selling a home the timelines set by the contract are an important factor.  Getting inspections done in a timely manner, having appraisals done on schedule and going through the mortgage loan process means there are a lot of moving parts to the process for buying or selling real estate.  This article explores some of the common delays and how they are dealt with.

Can A Home Inspection Cause A Delay?

A home inspection can cause a delay in closing for a number of reasons.  If an inspection cannot be done within the time frame requested on the contract the buyer may need to ask the seller for extra time to get the inspection done.  Especially in an active real estate market, home inspectors will be booked out in advance.  The preferred home inspector may not be available nor might any other inspector be available.  Home buyers should be taking account of this and make sure they are requesting enough time for the inspection.

Home inspections will also bring up issues that sometime need to be further explored by a licensed professional in that area.  For instance, electrical, plumbing, HVAC issues are better diagnosed by someone trained and licensed to provide an opinion on the issue.  Home inspectors are more generalists by nature when it comes to the overall condition of the home and usually will let a home buyer know they found something that may be of concern that should be looked into further. 

All of the above can add time to the process.  Buyers may be holding off on ordering an appraisal until after all inspection matters have been resolved.  Since the buyer is responsible...

What Can Cause A Home’s Foundation To Go Bad?

What Can Cause A Foundation To Go Bad?

What Can Cause A Home’s Foundation or Structure To Go Bad?

The foundation of a home is a critical part of the home and it what keeps a home standing up.  While factors outside of a homeowner’s control (such as severe storms, earthquakes, sink holes and more) can cause foundation problems there are things the homeowner can do to prevent foundation problems.  Foundation problems can lead to uneven floors, broken windows, stuck doors and much more.  Therefore, preventative maintenance to control what is in the homeowner’s control is important and this article looks at some of the common problems that can cause issues with the foundation and house structure.

Water Caused Foundation Damage

Water related issues are one of the biggest causes of home damage in general.  Water and excess humidity can lead to mold, wood rot, and more which can make a house unlivable.  Water when not properly diverted away from a home results in water entering collecting close to the basement walls.  As the water builds up it creates inward pressure on the wall which can cause cracking and can even force walls to fall inward into the basement.  Homes have gutters and downspouts to help properly divert water away from the foundation of the home.  Gutters or downspouts that get clogged means water is not drained away properly which then results in the foundation issues noted above.

When water enters into the basement either through gaps in block foundation mortar or cracks in concrete and stone walls that water over time causes the gaps to get bigger if left untreated which means more water entering...

July 2021 Greater Cincinnati Luxury Real Estate Market Report

The median sales price ticked up slightly as did the days on market and total homes available for sale.  With the restrictions being relaxed in multiple areas more people wanted to get out of the home and travel.  More people travelling means fewer buyers and fewer dollars to put towards buying a home.  As August and September roll around it will be interesting to see how the numbers play out then.  

July 2021 Greater Cincinnati Luxury Real Estate Market Report


Who Should Be Notified Before You Move

Who to notify before moving

Who Should Be Notified Before You Move

What Businesses and People Should Be Told You're Moving

Are you going to be moving? Moving from home to home is a difficult and stressful time for most people. You need to do things like get boxes, pack all your stuff carefully, and rent a truck or hire professional movers.

One of the many tasks you need to complete when moving is changing your address. You need to understand who to let know you are moving to avoid problems after being in your new home. Knowing how to forward mail will be an essential part of moving you can't forget about.

Some of the companies you need to notify of the move need to be contacted as soon as you know your moving day. We give you a list of businesses and organizations that you need to update with your new address before moving.

Post Office Change of Address

One of the first places you should notify of move intentions is the post office. Their change of address service will forward your mail to your new address for a year.

Notification of moving with the post office can easily be done online through their website. Please fill out their forms at least a week before your moving day to avoid any of your mail going missing. It is always better to make the change as early as possible.

If you need to cancel your address change for some reason, you can always do that later.

Tax Accountant and The IRS

Though you might want to avoid it, you need to inform you about moving with federal and state tax agencies. With the IRS,...

What Is An Estoppel Agreement Used For When Buying Investment Real Estate?

what is an estoppel agreement

What Is An Estoppel Agreement Used For When Buying Investment Real Estate?

When buying any type of investment real estate that has tenants involved an estoppel agreement helps to protect the buyer by verifying the terms of the tenant’s current lease.  Most real estate investment properties are purchased with the intent of generating cash flow.  If a certain building ends up generating less cash flow than anticipated since the owner might have exaggerated some numbers that can make what seemed like a good investment turn out to be a bad investment.  This article looks at what an estoppel agreement is, what the estoppel agreement should contain and whether the estoppel agreement can be relied upon 100%.

The Basics of An Estoppel Agreement

An estoppel agreement is a document that the tenant and the current rental property owner both sign and that acknowledges the amount of rent the tenant is currently paying, what type of lease they are on, how much security deposit they have given to the current owner, any other fees or rents they pay (pet rent), and if the tenants get any rent discounts for any reason.  If tenants are paying their own utilities, there will also be a section for that to be noted on the estoppel agreement.  Some tenants may help out the owner by making sure the trash cans are put on the curb for trash pickup day and put away after trash service has completed.  Tenants may also help with the cleanup for the common areas of the property, clean snow and other tasks that are performed in return for a discount on holding hand up...

June 2021 Greater Cincinnati Luxury Real Estate Market Report


Luxury home inventory ticked up slightly with little change in median listing price.  A few more homes sold and slightly less time on market also is noted as the changes from May 2021.  Rumors of a buyer's strike seem to be coming true in some markets as mortgage application rates are dropping.  Whether buyers are taking a break to catch up on travel and vacation time or are really serious about not wanting to buy a home remains to be seen.

June 2021 Greater Cincinnati Real Estate Luxury Statistics

If you need help buying or selling a luxury home in the Greater Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky area feel free to contact me so that you can gain some insight in to the local luxury real estate market.


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